Rookie Camp Day 1: There Were Players Other Than Oliver Ekman-Larsson??!?!

Rookie Camp

Day 1

The D were really what I paid attention to today because I don’t know a lot of the forwards.  OEL and Goncharov were paired all day.  So were Mike Stone and Brandon Gormley.  OUR DEFENSE IS GONNA BE FREAKING STUD FOR FOREVER.  Or until they all need new contracts, but seriously, our D prospects are amazing.


Prepare for a lot of Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

A ton.

Also a lot of my BB goalie Louie Domingue and Maxim Goncharov (Charo!).

Click on them to make them huge.

Charo: Hello, I am from Russia. You love me, yes?

GAH!  CHARO!  WHY YOU LOOK LIKE DAT????   *scared*

Hahahahha I have foreign jokes.

Awww Happy Charo looks much much better.

I like America. Iz not ploss seven and rainy


AJ doesn't know who I am. I am nameless forward. Riley Blair?

Mike Stone makes Mark Visenten laugh


Mike Stone and some helmet-less fool.

So you really hung upside-down on a swingset to get that tall?

Hmmm what's my name? Justin Weller!

Ulf is bound by no fashion rules. He's European and rocks the capri pants!

Someone teach this boy how to tighten his helmet.

Charo makes a move on the goalie! It. did. not. work.

How funky is your chicken? How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose?

Justin: Eeeeeeek I haz to go!

Chin strap flying in the wind like a wild man

Awwww smiley OOOF!

OH. NO. SHE. DIDNT. Attractive there Colin.

BB Goalie Louie will move some Dman!

Cmere lemme crosscheck you!

Flying elbow and flying snow

At least the goalie has some room


Go OEL with your chicken legs!

Mark is ready to smack someone wif his big stick



Bench boys

Louie why you hafta be so far?

OOOF... again.

Charo: HUH?

Charo gets nailed n the net flies off

....OOOF goes down.....

....and then flies off

Like a deer in the headlights


Hi giant Mathieu

O Chris Summers, no more blue & maize for you


Twinies. Nick Ross and..... someone.

Charo you kinda look like an alien but I ❤ you anyways

Get it Mark!

I really like this picture of Mark

Future D studs OOOF and Brandon

Justin Weller and Michael Stone

Puke: I may haz it.

Another mystery boy.... Fiddler?

Gorms with his sword!


O hai OOOF!

Hockey Gods, Why O Why did you make me her BB goalie?

OOOF sticks his right leg out and he shakes it all about. He does the hokey.....

BB Goalie Activate

Oh yeah Scott Darling was there too

..... yet more OOOF and some happy kid.

Who dis? Cuz he is not supposed to be doing THIS during camp!

I love the reflection of his back and that it isn't in focus

All together now..... CHIN STRAPS!

Charo makes his Ice debut

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3 Responses to Rookie Camp Day 1: There Were Players Other Than Oliver Ekman-Larsson??!?!

  1. Kelsey says:

    I love your pictures!
    The Justin Weller ones are my favourite! (:
    By the way, what kind of camera do you have?

  2. Kelsey says:

    I want to be a hockey photographer, and I have a NX10.
    It has amazing focus but I feel it sometimes focus’ more on the glass, and i’m having some trouble with the action shots.
    Do you by any chance have any tips for me? Thanks.

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