Pre-Camp Camp Shenanigans!


Uh oh, Teek is PISSED! Why u hafta be mad?

HAI SCHLEM! The Real Schlem Shady

Ohhh Teek is happy now! Good job Jonas!

"You wanna go punk?" No Doan, don't hurt Schlem!

Grandpa Czech is leaving. What if I never see him again?

How was your summer Jesus?

Uppy whispers sweet nothings in Pru's ear.....

It itches here........ GAH JONAS!

.... but Uppy, I don't even speak English!

BizNasty rockin' his 'stache



My secret talent is taking beautiful pictures of Kyle Turris. And only Kyle Turris.

Doan snows the goalie!cc


Put us in coach....... please?

Prucha waves at Yandle falling. YANDLE DOWN!

Pru then snows Yandle WHILE he is down......

.....makes sure Yandle is OK.......

....and then laughs at Yandle. BAD CZECH!

Another good Turris. YOU ARE PHOTOGENIC SIR


Happy lil hobbit

..... and more Turris. I apparently have an eye for him

Baby Goncharov..... Imma call him Charo! GonCHAROv

Yands wasn't hurt (no thanks to Prucha)

Baby Charo down!


Brett Maclean hams it up for me. ❤ ya!

For a change…….. ALL PHOTOS BY YOURS TRULY!   Yay for the sick new camera!

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