Forget Jason, Prucha Takes Manhattan!

Ready to go kick ass, as always!

So what do hockey fans do on Sundays in August while they are impatiently waiting for the season to start?  Well, they make their favorite hockey player a trending topic on twitter……. in the largest city in America.  Seriously.

@Prukachu came up with the idea that we could make #Prucha trend if we hit a time when twitter is usually dead.  So we picked a time and …….

Prucha was the #9 most tweeted subject in New York.... during a Yankees game! But was still beat out by Goonies? Much like Pru, Goonies never say die!

So it’s the small things in life that make you super excited.  Like seeing the name of an ex-Ranger and current Coyote be so popular on twitter.  It speaks to how kickass Ranger fans are and how much they love Prucha.  And if Ranger fans actually AGREE on something, you know it’s a goddamn miracle.

Prucha is love.

Thanks to @Prukachu @SomeLikeItBlue @Isakft @Keushockey @JPLS @ILoveNYR94 @Veronika_with_K @_Lizochka_, @kathygc @NYFan1211 @RangersTribune @AJTYG @5holeblog @afgbruins21 @JustFollowYanks @Kristianaaaaaa @NYRangers365 @RangersElite @Cathybytes @itsvanessat @buddyranger @subtlelikeseabs @someliketopru @CaptClutchNYR @steve3389 @meghamonster @sarah_connors @carolena10 @knowsnothing @vernonontheroof @ckinaz @melissakania @ericmurphygroup @monkey73 @jjburnett82 @ikeastan @offi_ @rabidyotesgirl @hashtager @babysoob @tammys @snowkitten35 @wisdomoflaich @njrobynf @gilford @coyoteswhiteman @anorex0rist @bruins22 @rangerselite @sarcasmpucktail @teambabydaddy @byndblueshirts @broadwayblue @battleofnewyork @zyllyx @architecture101 @papagolash @agallantcapsfan @dailysu @uppys_hair @epickaitlin @letsgorangers17 @30Hanks30Hank30 @shelbygriswold @pamyotesfan @articleone1979 @dsweisheit @sputnikAZ @sulli1130 @kaboom23 @bellas87 @sensdew19 and @zepphead for all using the #Prucha hashtag and helping him trend.

Let’s go Prucha.  Let’s go Coyotes.  Let’s go Ranger fans.

Holy crap Vrby they love me!! #Prucha

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2 Responses to Forget Jason, Prucha Takes Manhattan!

  1. Kels says:

    I love this! I’m so sorry I missed it, but it sure makes me smile! You all rock!!! =) Go Prucha!

  2. Susanne says:

    How much we all miss him here in his hometown ♥

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