Pre-Camp Camp & Rumor Mongers

So there isn’t anything going on in the world of hockey.  Not really anyways.  So people get bored and rumors that are false get blown up.

Today, it happened to this guy:

My lil chipmunk boy! Just wanna pinch ur cheeks

So a Russian report said that Teek’s Dad indicated that he requested a trade from the Coyotes.  Bullshit.  There are so many free agents with more experience and proven skill that are available for Teek to do something this mental.

A reporter for ESPN contacted GMDM and GMDM said it was false.

That is all well and fine, just a mistake.  But…………..

It pisses me off when, instead of reading something, looking into it and finding the answer…… people report a rumor.  Look, I know these reporters want to feel important and everyone loves to be an “insider”.  Dude, you are NOT an insider if you just retweet information.  And on top of it, you look like a freaking idiot when the truth comes out.

No credibility.  And if I think you make bloggers look bad, that’s pretty bad, because obviously I have few standards.




Well Pre-Camp Camp has started at Alltel Ice Den and the Coyotes players are slowly trickling in to get their skate on.  The official name is Athletes Resource Camp and they took some pictures!  And I added my own little touch……

Oh Lang, Im gonna miss you

Someone feed Turris! Kyle.... EAT!

Happy Langer!

Sorry Jonas, Ekman-Larsson is taking your spot. On the team and with me.

Who is this youngster? Oh hi Aucoin!

Baby Dane!

Can’t wait for rookie camp!   In the mean time, go check out the pre-camp camp courtesy of Athletes Resouce.

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