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I know I haven’t blogged in forever, but going back to work is always a crazy time.  Of course, there hasn’t been much going on that I’ve been neglecting, but it’s time to clean some loose ends up.

O hai Oliver!

Oliver Ekman-Larsson participated for Team Sweden at a development camp for the U20 teams last week.  He played heavy minutes in all three games against the USA and Finland.  In the first game, he came up big with a power play goal.  He was also quite feisty during the tournament.  He ended up sticking up for his goalie a couple times and earned elbowing and roughing minors.  And a diving (!?!?!) minor.  Umm…… ahahahahahha I’m excited to see him at camp!

This can get ugly son, and it doesn't need too.....

Quite a few searches hitting my blog recently were about “Hanzal contract talks”.  I don’t anticpate this geek signing any time soon, mainly because my friend in Czech saw an interview that Marty did and he said “I think it will be a long time.  Maybe when the season starts I will sign”.

NOW LISTEN UP!  There are many translation possible errors in meaning so don’t start flapping your jaws.  I don’t know if this means preseason or season season.  With all his work on penalty kill, power play, AND shutting down the likes of Thornton-type players every night, this kid deserves a raise.  In fact, I spent the better part of a year making signs telling him that he needed a raise.  I TOLD COMMISSIONER GARY BETTMAN THAT MARTY NEEDED A RAISE.  AND THAT IS AN HONEST TO GOD FACT.

But Marty, this can be easy or difficult.  Please don’t make me write you a super embarassing blog post about needing you to sign.  Or, if by chance you are not signed by the time the season opens and I’m in Prague…… I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND BEAT YOU UP!  In a loving manner.  But a beating!

PS ~ Any NHL team that is stupid enough to dare give him an offer sheet, I will blow you up.


No word yet on Stempniak, but you have to think that the longer he doesn’t sign, the better Phoenix is looking in this tortoise-paced race.  He has been successful in this system.  Why not sign for a low deal and show that he can do it for a full year and then cash in huge next year?

Huh Lee?


I love Shane Doan so much.  Is it October yet?

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