Guess who’s birthday it is!

The title of the blog gave it away Oliver, don't play!

Happy Birthday!

Awww of course I remember!

So our lil superstar-in-training turns 19 today!  Hopefully, after this, he will have a fat NHL paycheck to buy himself a slick birthday gift.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Leksand loves Oliver so much, he gets the most cheers, far and away:

Happy Birthday Oli!


Paul Bissonnette is nuts on twitter.  You should follow him if you aren’t : @PaulBizNasty.

Shakespeare boy?


What went wrong with Lombo?  I mean, we all know that Z was our #1 guy to chase, but Lombo was important too.

Elliot Friedman said in his column that “Contract negotiation that got ugly quickly: Coyotes GM Don Maloney and agent Kent Hughes, over Matthew Lombardi. Maloney thought demands were extravagant, Hughes not happy Phoenix went public. Nashville benefited, big-time.”  GMDM did say that Lombo’s salary demands were “off the charts”.  Apparently, he was asking for 4 million or higher.

Mo over at Coyotes Hip Check talked to GMDM and had this to say:  “Apparently Lombo’s agent smokes funny stuff, the guy was spouting off that Matthew had earned Plakanec money and terms. Seriously? like a 4.25M/4 -5yr deal? No way was GMDM gonna go out like that. The really sad thing is that given a counter offer chance, Don would have probably matched the Nashville offer. Hey Lombo… need to check into your agent’s pipe, you could have stayed in Phoenix.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark on this deal for sure.  Did GMDM shoot ourselves in the foot by going public with his feelings about what Lombo was asking for?

Now, let me start this out by saying “I LOVE DON MALONEY SO MUCH.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.”  But let’s look at this objectively.  I will try to strain out the GMDM Kool-Aid that I drink on a regular basis.

Did GMDM need to say that?  No.  He just needed to say that the two sides were unable to reach an agreement on salary.  It may have been a tad unprofessional.  It sends my mind back to when Mueller was traded to Colorado and GMDM said in an interview right after that Peter had requested the trade.

I guess I may be old fashioned in the sense that I think you keep all the business side behind closed doors and you don’t air team laundry in public (ahem Ducks & Bobby Ryan).  I don’t know if GMDM just has moments of brutal honesty and once it’s out there you can’t take it back, or if he has a reason for saying such things.  Does he want the fans to know that they weren’t necessarily a failure or choice on his part and that he had no other choice to limit backlash?  They were fairly popular players, so maybe that makes sense?

I love GMDM and trust him 100%.  It just seems odd that he kind of randomly gives us a glimpse into these  player/organization issues.

Should he watch out saying these types of things?  Do you want MORE transparency?  Did GMDM’s comments cost us Lombo?  What do you think?  Discuss.  GO!

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2 Responses to HAR DEN ÄRAN OLIVER!

  1. Ashley says:

    I think you should get a Bissonette hair cut! DO IT!!!

    You demanded comments, so I commented…

  2. zyllyx says:

    I dunno. I don’t have a problem with GMDM either admitting in public that Mueller requested a trade or saying that Lombo’s agent is tokin’ the ganja by requesting a ridiculous overpayment. I mean, if the agent is going to be a choad, then he should be ready to step up and take ownership of his choadery, right? As for Mueller, GMDM had to let us know that we weren’t capriciously getting rid of Petey – if Mr. Bloodshot wanted out, then maybe that makes us feel better about trading him, y’know?

    I like that he’s honest and not a liar and a weasel like several other GMs I could name. But that’s just me.

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