May Hockey Gods Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again

Today was the last day of prospect camp.  SAD!  Now the long summer with no hockey continues.    I actually took my camera with today and took some (not good) pics.

Chris Brown is haunted by the ghost of Rihanna? Nah, this is just Sean Burke. Burkey!

He was so kind to these people who knew jack shit about hockey and for that, he shall be my goalie.

You shall never defeat my 5 hole!

O Hai Louie!

I am getting you new pads for Christmas for sure

Oliver doesn't look like this in real life. What's wrong wif you camera?


Hugs! BFF's 4-Eva!

Who put Oliver in time out?


Camp was kickass, as always.  There were definitely three levels of players.

Level 1:  “Supastars”  or “Supastar” because it was for sure just Oliver Ekman-Larsson.  He was in a class of his own.

Level 2:  “Memorable”  Chris Brown, Brandon Gormley, Mathieu Broduer, and Blair Riley/Riley Blair.

Level 3:  “Everyone Else” Self-explanatory.

First Star of Camp for sure goes to OEL.  I’m sure you guys will get tired of my ranting and raving about this kid, but Oliver Ekman-Larsson is really special.  Having flown in from Europe and not having skated since World Championships and this is how the kid plays?  Awesome.  His positioning is great.  He is great at using his stick to make life hell for those looking to pass.  2 on 1? Cake.  3 on 1? Great decision making to take away the most dangerous option.  Love love love him.

Second Star of Camp belongs to Chris Brown.   Is he a sniper? No.  Does he have the best hands? No.  But he plays with heart.  He is tough.  And while he is a super nice guy off the ice, he is kind of a dick to play against.  He shoves, he hits, he shows off his ass to goalies all day long.  He for sure is the dicky, American Prucha.  Or the lil’ Hanzal.  He’s definitely something and I’m excited to see what he does this year (prolly back at Michigan?).

Third Star of Camp goes to ……. IDK.  The goalies?  I was pretty impressed with the baby goalies we drafted this year.  I actually really really like Visentin.  He’s really calm and doesn’t seem like he would lose his shit when things get tense.  And Louie…. what can I say, I adopted him!  Mike Lee did pretty ok and his World Juniors experience is bank!  I’m not sure how I feel about Scott Darling, but at 6’6 he is a monster in the net.

Our D all look solid.  Our forwards are all small and speedy.  Just like now!

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