*Insert Song Lyric About Photographs Here*

Camp is over.  Babies went home.  A sad: I haz it.

Let’s have fun with pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

Audition for Smooth Criminal video ACTIVATE!

Gormley wishes HE could lean like Oli

Strong with this one, the force is.

Awwww old man! AARP discount is coming!

The McLellan factor. Sarah, don't distract the babies.

Who loves showing off his 'fro?

Manly firemen?

Oh God Burke, crack the kid's back for him!

Who's team President hikes a mountain with the prospects? OURS! HI MIKE!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand STOP!

I love our foreign kids.  Nothing like doing some pictures involving new languages.  Like using Czech wasn’t enough hey?

And thanks to Sarah McLellan, AZ Central reporter for her guest appearance.  You can follow her on twitter @azc_mclellan.  She does amazing stores on the Coyotes and is our funny ass video extraordinaire.  Much love.

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