Prospect Camp 2010

Show 'em how its done old man! O Hai Oliver!

So when doing a drill of “shoot a goal or skate lines”, Sean Burke and Doug Sulliman were skating with a group that was short a couple of players.  The goalies had been stone-walling the shooters.  Oliver Ekman-Larsson had a pretty sweet move and got the goalie out of position, but his shot literally stopped on the goal line.  GAH!

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Doug Sulliman went up to shoot and goes 5 hole on the goalie for a goal.  The crowd cheered and I yelled at GMDM, get that man a contract!  Score one for the old man ❤

Score, we dare you

If you have been wondering why GMDM has been stockpiling goalies, it’s for our secret strategy.  Shhhhhh!  It’s a secret 😀

Bend It like Beck......Brown?

Ok I may just be going through Czech withdrawal, but Chris Brown kinda looks like Marty.

Gromley = Nomley?

Does Brandon typically bare his teeth when defending?  That’s kinda fierce and scary.  Biter?


I think this camp is just a warmup.  The only real drama will be with pre-season camp to see if Oliver Ekman-Larsson can make the big team or if he goes back to Sweden for another season.  It also depends on if GMDM picks up another Dman between now and September.  Maybe Oliver is good enough to take Schlemko’s spot and keep him in San Antonio another year?

Here’s hoping we see a lot more of the Swede this season.

Leksands loved Oliver so much.

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One Response to Prospect Camp 2010

  1. zyllyx says:

    We are SO starting that OEL cheer on Monday morning.

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