Well,  free agency has slowed to a Halak, due to the insane demands of Kovalchuk, the red line Czar.  It doesn’t seem like anyone is spending cash or they have no cash to spend.  Who is still floating around out there?  Alex Frolov comes to mind.  Bill Guerin,  Andy Sutton (do not want!), and Alexei Ponikarovsky are a few others.

And Lee Stempniak.

Oh Lee, what a debacle you are in.  The problem with you lies in that GMs are either going to get:

28 goals in 123 games.

or they are going to get:

14 goals in 18 games *Finnish shootout assassin not included (Hi Korps!!!!)

Actually the GM will prolly get neither of these.  They will get something in between, but what do you pay this kid?  Too much and you look like a fool.  Too little and he won’t sign.

Well kid, you have to sign somewhere so here is my advice.  Sign at a discount in Phx for one year.  The system works for you and after you have a consistent year, you can go chase your money.

In the meantime, we will be shaking all the goal dust out of you that we can:

Nice legs Lee. Also, did you do something to your hair?

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