Awkward Acquisition

Crap!  In all the signings and my Z being snatched-awayness, I forgot that we signed Andrew Ebbett.  He played for the Wild last year.  He missed 5 games last year due to a concussion.   Who gave him this concussion?

Big Ol' Senor Douche

Well that’s going to be awkward.  Here is how I sense this is going to occur:

Jovo:  Coach say Jovo must say sorry to you.  Sorry.

Andrew:  You elbowed me in the head and I missed five games!

Jovo:  You just a lil guy, no Jovo’s fault that lil guy head is height of Jovo elbow!

Andrew:  This is how you apologize?

Jovo:  Me buy you fro-yo and we even.

Andrew:  Well I do like fro-yo.

Strong with this one, the force is.

Now don’t get me totally wrong, I like that Jovo is gritty, but elbows to the head?  You can be Jovo-level of ass, but don’t be Pronger-level of ass.

Anyways, Ebbett is a wee lil man at 5’9.  He is a center, which I don’t really know what we will do with him.  Apparently we are moving Wolski to center to replace Lombo.  So our centers are Wolski, Hanzal (!), Fiddy, and Ebbett.  Ebbett takes Winnik’s spot but I don’t think he’s tough like Winnik, so we still have to fill up Winnik’s spot on PK with Fiddy.  I assume that Korps and Marty will still be PK as well.

Ebbett had 8 goals and 6 assists in 49 games with the Wild last year.  Which seems weird because as a center, he should have more assists.  Weird.

Anyways, while searching for info on this dude, I came across this awesome article over at Battle of California.  If you don’t read their blog, you prolly should. Check it out: You Gonna Do Something About It Or Just Stand There And Bleed?

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