Czech Yearbook 2010

When I went back to North Dakota this summer, I looked through my old yearbooks and it was funny to look at how everyone changed from year to year.  Well in the dead of summer, with not a ton of pressing hockey news to discuss, let’s start doing Coyotes Yearbook:

If you know me at all, you know we are going to start with Martin Hanzal.  AND THIS IS PAINFUL!  Oy!

This is the Hanzal n Gretel haircut. Oh lil Czech import!


Vast improvement but you kinda look like a pirate? Arg!


Awww he’s getting all grown up.

Petr Prucha is up next.  He has some varied uniform for added amusement.

Who's that baby that plays for Pardubice? Pru!



A much better color for you Pru


Oh Prukins, your hair is supposed to get BETTER as you age.  Look at the progress Marty made!

I saved Radim Vrbata  for last because I have the most pictures due to his time spent in the league and the change is awesome.

Vrby is so excited to be in the league. I love love love this pic!

This is like a school picture, for real.

Vrbs with the Hurricanes

Upside down triangle head ❤

Just woke up?

Stupid Lightning. 😦

Vrby's happy he's back. Me too

Maybe if you guys like this, I’ll do it  for other players.  The guys that have been around for a while will be interesting.  Oakie! Doan! Jovo!

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