Coyotes Roundtable Part 4

We can have scrawny albino (PS ~ HI JEFF CARTER!)

13.  If you could undo any Coyotes trade, who would you get back for us?

AJ:  I may get lambasted for this one, but I 100% would get Mueller back.  He was my first jersey and my first random bar meeting.  I miss him 😦

Michael:  Maybe the Mueller trade, but he wanted to go so I wouldn’t be mean to him. Most trades the Yotes do always end up beneficial for us so I wouldn’t undo any really.

Ashley:  Freddy Shoe! I think we traded him away before he got the chance to shine here.  But now he plays for the Leafs, so I win in the long run.

CK:  Easy, Danny Briere to Buffalo for Chris Gratton.  Also (and I know this wasn’t a “Coyotes” trade) it would have been great to have Teemu Selanne when the team moved here in 96.

Jordan:  Danny Briere.  No doubt in my mind one of the worst players that the team ever gave up.  Just absolutely no excuse for it although I suppose that at the time, players of his size were having trouble in the league with the clutching and grabbing…

Mo:  Teppo Numinen. The ultimate defenseman, we traded him away waaaaay too early and we could have used his influence.

Or we can have someone who plays video games in a hospital with sick children

14.  Name the player that you see as encompassing the Coyotes brand of hockey best as a whole and why (please don’t EVERYONE pick Doan):

AJ:  The Czechs.  Shutdown. Heart. Loyalty. Grit.

Michael:  Well I would say Doan because it’s true but otherwise it’d be Z or Bryz because they aren’t superstars (like the Yotes as a whole) but they are hardworkers and that’s what the Yotes are. A hardworking team with no real superstars but they just all come together so well and get the job done.

Ashley:  Oakie – cause he shows leadership, has jokes, plays hard and knows what it takes.

CK:  Fine, no Doan.  I’ll pick Fiddy then. Works hard, doesn’t get a lot of attention, understands his role.

Jordan:  Well, certainly nobody quite defines Coyotes hockey like Shane Doan, but to go off-grid, I’ll say Vernon Fiddler.  It’s not flashy, it’s not necessarily pretty, but it is aggressive, it is based on playing hard with an attention to being defensively responsible while also being willing to counter-attack.  It’s a selfless style of hockey that requires you to block shots, take the body and skate your ass off.  Fiddy does that all pretty darn well in my opinion.

Mo:  Z, Lombo and Yandle.  Z embodies the quiet cool, Lombo embodies the quiet hardworking man, and Yandle is the part of us that’s always learning and isn’t afraid to try new things if it helps the team.  The Yotes are still learning to be winners, we’re the quiet kid no one notices, but we’re always working harder and longer than anyone else.

Gritty on the outside but melty on the inside
15. What are the first words that come to mind when you think of:
AJ: Jesus
Michael: Face of the Franchise and leader in everyway.
Ashley: Leadership
CK: Classy
Jordan: Leader
Mo: Steady perseverance

Bryz saves? No, Doan saves.

AJ:  Why you hafta be mad?
Michael:  Second face of the Franchise and essentially our safety net. <—Champion of the last season.
Ashley:  Crazy Goalie with jokes!
CK:  Karaoke
Jordan:  Quirky
Mo:  Quirky resolve

WHAT ARE YOU EVEN WEARING?!?! In the words of Bryz himself: Why you hafta look homeless?

AJ:  Manly handsome.
Michael:  Quite hard worker that is essential to team.
Ashley:  Endearing, talented
CK:  Bruised
Jordan:  Fearless
Mo:  Steadfast, stability amid chaos


AJ:  Needs to be sedated
Michael:  Angry fighter guy who scares me
Ashley:  Role player that does his job
CK:  Superstar DJ
Jordan:  Nasty
Mo:  Insanity on skates

There's a reason Vandypants is Vandypants and Bizz is not Bizzpants

AJ:  Reformed. Body bumper.
Michael:  Expensive player who is loud but seems to get the team going and can play well when he wants to.
Ashley:  He has a new gf, or new meds.  Either way, a new player!
CK:  Grizzled
Jordan:  Enigmatic
Mo:  Misunderstood and underestimated

AJ:  If Doan’s the soul of the team, Yandle’s the heart. ^5’s!
Michael:  The future Jovo minus any of the negatives Jovo has. I ❤ Yandle he is a great player.
Ashley:  I HATE YANDLE (but the real truth is, I am pretty impressed with him this year)
CK:   The future
Jordan:  Weapon
Mo:  Growing up fast

Yandle is everyone's BFF ~ Jovo, Fiddy, Doan, Bryz, and apparently Marty?

AJ:  Give him a hardhat and lunch pail, this man does work
Michael:  Hard worker who should probably be ‘A’ instead of Jovo.
Ashley:  sleep walker
CK:  heart (and confusion over people in WhiteOut costumes)
Jordan:  relentless
Mo:  dedicated and unexpectedly good

AJ:  Broken washing machine stuck on spin cycle, Marty’s BFF!
Michael:  Another quite hard worker who pulls out the good stuff in a time of need.
Ashley:  Gritty, tough, surprising
CK:  Czech Czech Czech!
Jordan: ouch! (sorry, first thing that comes to mind is him getting railroaded by James Neal)
Mo: Funky, passionate little weeble


AJ:  Baby Dane!
Michael:  Future of the club. ❤ him too. He will be a great player.
Ashley:  Potential
CK:  wait and see
Jordan:  Speedy
Mo:  High speed intensity

Baby Dane! ❤

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