Coyotes — New & Old

The Coyotes are stocking up players to fill out the San Antonio roster since we will be plucking Mikkel Boedker, Kyle Turris, Viktor Tikhonov, and probably Brett MacLean to come play with the big boys.  We also signed another goalie.  Because we need 4,000 of them.  Seriously.  Let’s take a look at what we got:

Someone loved him enough to make this

Its encouraging that someone loved this dude enough to make him a computer background.  Nolan was drafted 37th overall in 1999 by the Caps.  He’s played 50 NHL games in his career as a Dman.  Why did we sign him?  THE MAN IS 6’6 AND 247 POUNDS.  Aka he’s a big scary bear!!  He seems like a solid AHL player, and I doubt we should see him in Phx this year.

Stafford had no interesting pictures. Not encouraging

Garrett Stafford had 32 points in 60 games for the Texas Stars last season.  Not bad for a Dman, but he’s 30 and he’s only been in five NHL games with Dallas and Detroit.  Uck.  He’s 6ft and grew up in LA.

College boy! Wut wut!

Mathieu Beaudoin  graduated from Ohio State with a degree in business.  The Coyotes obviously have brought him in to infuse the front office with some youth.  In 72 games with the Texas Stars, he had 19-25-44 during the regular season and was 4-3-7 in 22 playoff games.  I approve.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Gooooooooooooalie

According to the Coyotes website, Matt Climie, 27, appeared in 43 games with the Texas Stars (AHL) last season, posting a record of 21-17-3-3 with a 2.46 goals against average (GAA), a .919 save percentage (SV%) and three shutouts to rank in the top 10 among AHL goaltenders in GAA and SV%. Climie helped lead Texas to the 2010 Calder Cup Finals last season by posting a 7-6 record with a 2.71 GAA and .916 SV% in 15 postseason appearances.

My favorite part of this kid is that he played a Bemidji State.  WHAT’S UP BEAVER!  I don’t usually care about goalies, but this kid has the possibility of being my goalie.  PS~ Apparently his hair idol is Mike Green.  Wtf?


So now that the free agent market has died down a bit, let’s see where we are.

We haz no Z.  I went through a box of kleenex and had to move on to toilet paper.  But in the end, good for Z.  He’s worked hard and deserves what he has earned.  Pittsburgh is a good team and he will do amazing there.

Miss you Z. 😦 ❤

We haz no Lombo.  He went to Nashville.  There was no kleenex or toilet paper involved, but I’ll kinda miss him…. and his crazy hair.

Bye Craaaaaazy hair 😦

No word on Stempniak.  Who knows whether the faily player in Toronto or the kickass player in Phx is the real Stempniak.  Prolly somewhere in the middle, but how much do you pay someone when you don’t know what you’ll be getting???  I guess we will see what happens.

So that’s an update on who don’t have.  Who did we end up with?

Grandpa Ray Ray

Meet our replacement for Grandpa Czech Lang.  Ray Whitney is 38 years old and in 80 games with the Hurricanes last year, he had 21 goals and 37 assists.  The year before he had 24 goals and 53 assists for 77 points in 82 games.

Apparently he is a character.  Whitney is known for his wiseass tendencies for doing such things as making sure he’s visible in pre-game on-screen interviews behind the interviewee, leading to the Hurricanes fans’ favorite game of “Where’s Whitney”? His commonly used nickname is Wizard.  Grandpa Gandolf?

He also said that he may do something crazy like walk into the locker room in a speedo to introduce himself.  Is he Bizz’s long lost dad?

I iz excite to meet you Grandpa Ray Ray

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