Coyotes Roundtable Part 3

Thornton, Marleau, Heatley, and Setoguchi. Lamers.

8.  What teams (2 or more) do you hate most and see as our rivals?

AJ:  The Red Wings are utterly and completely unbearable and unredeemable.  The utter hate and disdain I hold for them ensures that that they are our rivals forever.  The Sharks and Ducks aren’t that far behind.  While they aren’t a huge rival, I can’t stand the Canucks.  I think the undeserved worship of Luongo pushes me over the edge and the fact that they have little jerks like Burrows and Bieksa cancel out the goodwill that Kesler brings.

Michael:  I hate Philadelphia and Caroline in general but they aren’t our rivals. I really hate Detroit now and see them as rivals, other Rivals include anyone in the pacific division especially the Ducks because I hate them a lot too.

Ashley:   I dislike the Ducks. I would say the Sharks are a big rival.

CK:  The team I hate the most?  Detroit.  Goes back to the games at America West, and when the Yotes first played them in the playoffs here.  I also hate on Dallas, going back to when Darian Hatcher played there. Our rivals? Everyone in the pacific, but I don’t know if the feeling is returned from those teams.

Jordan:  Certainly Detroit…hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.  After that, probably some combination of Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Jose.

Mo:  Ducks & Sabres = hated teams.  Ducks are dicks and Sabre fans suck.  Sharks = rivals, we’re suddenly trading wins these guys and every game is a battle.  Their fans are pretty lively, but are respectful.



8.  Who do you cheer for besides the Coyotes (if any)?

AJ:  The Caps are my East Conference team.  Their run and gun style is always exciting and Ovi/Backstrom/Green/Laich are brimming with personality.  My ultimate fandom lies with Team USA.  Kesler, Miller, Parise, Ryan, Pavelski, and Stastny?  Wow.

Michael:  Maybe Pittsburgh but I don’t really follow anyone else other then the Yotes.

Ashley:  Leafs!!!!

CK:  I grew up a Flames fan, and still support them when they aren’t playing the Yotes.

Jordan:  As most of you know I am a die-hard Flyers fan.  I will also cheer for the Caps because I like to watch Ovechkin play.

Mo:  Caps, Flyers, and Canadiens.

USA is love. I like to imagine Perry was crying.

9.  How did you first get into hockey?

AJ:  I first started getting into hockey for real when I moved to AZ and started going to Coyote games.

Michael:  Playing NHL2K4 or some old hockey video game with my friend, we each picked a team to play as and he chose Tampa Bay and I chose Phoenix Coyotes cause they looked awesome. A year after that I started following the Yotes each day and started playing Hockey at the local ice arena.

Ashley:  I was born into it!!  (says the Canadian girl)

CK:  I think I’ve always been into hockey, both playing and watching.

Jordan:  I remember watching the Rangers with my dad as a kid when they had a top line of Kelly Kisio, Brian Mullen and John Ogrodnick.  This was around 1986 or so and I loved those Rangers teams with Brian Leetch and Adam Graves and the guys that won the Cup in 1994.  Started cheering for the Flyers as I started to go to their games during college and law school and stopped caring about the Rangers when Glen Sather traded Brian Leetch…

Mo:  When my kids played 15 years ago or so, I got hooked on the game, not the pros, the kids.

10:  What’s your best hockey memory/moment?  Can be on or off-ice.

AJ:  The personal meet and greet with Martin Hanzal was amazing and easily the best off-ice time!  On-ice has to be Game 1 of the WhiteOut this past season.  It was insane.

Michael:  When the Coyotes made it to the playoffs this last season. First time they made it while I was supporting them. So I was very happy.

Ashley:  Road trip to San Jose with Mark and Amy…and the first San Jose game when we sat on the glass! (San Jose games are always epic)

CK:  I can’t pick just one, so I’ll say all the great friends and good times I’ve had through playing and watching hockey my whole life.

Jordan:  I have to say my best memory of hockey all time was the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup in 1994.  With my current ambivalence towards the Rangers, I tend to forget what that meant, but at the time it was the best sports moment of my life.  Some more recent memories that will always stand out:

-Keith Primeau ending a 5OT game against the Penguins in the 2000 playoffs (the birth of my Flyers fandom)
-Jeremy Roenick scoring an OT series-clinching goal against Toronto while Sami Kapanen struggled back to the bench after getting run by Darcy Tucker.
-Again with Primeau scoring a game-tying goal with about a minute to go in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals against Tampa Bay forcing OT where Primeau then assisted on Simon Gagne’s game winner.
-Shane Doan wrecking crew in a game against San Jose ( in 2007…
-Game 1 of this year’s playoff series against Detroit with the Coyotes winning – first live playoff game experience and it was absolutely awesome…can’t wait to do it again next year.

As for an off-ice moment, the only one I can really say stands out above and beyond was getting to meet Derek Morris and Tyson Nash at a charity golf event this summer.  Really nice guys, fun to hang out with.

Mo:  My son being chosed to go to Canada with his travel team (he was only 14, but he was playing with 16-17 year olds) tied with my daughter being defensemen of the season for her house team tied with watching Jim Balsillie leaving town without my hockey team.

San Jose road trip

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