Coyotes & Pups

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to the Coyote Dads!

Oakie embraces literacy. Then he beats Holmstrom with the book.

An old pic of Bryz and his son

Jesus and his children. Wait, aren't we all the children of Jesus? Confused.

A different side of Jovo. Wait, where's Yandle? He's the oldest right?

And after searching……. and searching…… and searching in Czech……

Best. Dad. Ever.

Vrrrrrrrrrrby ❤

Prucha's baby? Any excuse to use this picture! ❤

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One Response to Coyotes & Pups

  1. Kels says:


    Great segment! How adorable is Vrby’s kid?!

    And, sigh, I remember when they did that charity segment and I cried. Anytime I think of Prucha liking kids, I cry. Not really sure why, as I’m not really a “oh my gosh, I so love kids” type of person. But the idea of him loving them – melt!

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