I Saw The Sign And It Opened Up My Eyes

Week wrap-up:

WE SIGNED OAKIE!!!!!!!!! There will officially be two more years of a big, scary, woodland-looking man hitting people and shoving them down.  😀 It warms my heart.  Adrian Aucoin is fierce on the ice, but is such an amazingly nice guy off the ice.  Another quality signing from GMDM. 

There's a new sheriff in this here town.... wait, no, it's still Oakie! YAY!

Now our signed D looks like this:  Jovo, Yandle, Sauer (maybe?), Vandermeer, Aucoin, and (maybe) Schlemko. 

GAH!  So you throw in Max and Oliver in camp and say maybe Oliver stays up.  That gives us seven Dmen if Sauer is healthy and Schlemko also stays up.  OUR D IS MORE SUSPECT THAN OJ DURING HIS BRONCO CHASE!  *cries* 

We need Z.  We need someone to cover Jovo’s butt when he goes all cowboy in the offensive zone.  GMDM, I know he’ll be expensive, but we need Z.  It is a fact.


Bissonnette got twitter.  I’m not sure how I feel about this yet.  Upshall is pretty responsible about using his twitter in a quasi-grown up way, but Bizz may be another story.  His name is @PaulBizNasty.


Pre-season schedule:

GAH!  We got spoiled the past couple of years with quite a few home preseason games and this year it caught up to us.  We do have a preseason home game against the Sharks I am about four seconds away from tattooing on myself, but it’s a split-squad game!  I NEED TO HARASS JOE THORNTON IN THE COMFORT OF PRESEASON WHEN I CAN FOCUS AND NOT CARE ABOUT THE SCORE!  Our other home game is a another split-squad endeavor against the Kings. 

We play away games at the Pond, Edmonton and Calgary (at least while it’s warm there!) before heading off to Latvia (Teek’s hometown!) for a KHL final game before opening the season in Prague vs. the Bruins. 

Excite. to. the. max.


 FYI this is the 55th day since the end of the Coyotes season and the two Czechs aren’t signed yet.  Who has two thumbs and is getting nervous?  This girl right here.

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