Is It October Yet?

I think the hockey season is over.  We’re just waiting on……

Kaner's got the booty like Wow Oh Wow?

there it is folks!  White boy rump shaking is the official mark to the end of the season.  You thought it was awarding the Cup and the parade?  No.  As you can see above, you were obviously wrong.

Congratulations to the Blackhawks!  I was firmly on the bandwagon, as those who follow my twitter account could tell.  Toews (fingers?) is a great captain and Kaner deserved some redemption after the year he had.

Captain Serious? Maybe not!

Speaking of redemption, special congrats to Hossa.  You wanted to win.  You chased it.  You caught it. 😀  Slovakian dance of joy forthcoming?

Slovakian twinsies kiss kiss!

All this merriment makes me ponder “what if”.  What if the Coyotes won the Cup?

* Tears would flow forever for Shane Doan lifting the cup.

* Please God don’t give it to Jovo second.  Z or Bryz.

* Think Kane has moves?  I’d put 300 million on Yandle busting out his dance fever.  Pretty sure him and Jovo would do the scene from Footloose where Willard learns to dance.   (Ponder that)

* WTF would the parade be?  Downtown Phx?  Starting in Glendale and ending at my house?

* The cup would have a tour in Czech Republic for an extended period of time because the players each get a day with it.

* Bryz would try to wear the Cup has a hat.  A tall one.

I can’t wait for next year.  Is it October yet?

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2 Responses to Is It October Yet?

  1. Cass says:

    You know that I can only comment on the pop culture parts of your posts, since I know nothing about hockey, so I just wanted to say that I’m totally cracking up at the Yandle/Jovo Ren/Willard imagery. Well done.

  2. Alex Mueller says:

    I also love the Satan Shuffle! 😉

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