Livin’ In America

Dmitry Chesnokov broke the news that Maxim (Max!) Goncharov is ready to leave Russia and come to the AHL and challenge for a Dman spot on the Coyotes.  EXCITE!  He was taken by the Coyotes in the 2007 draft in the 5th round, #123 overall.  The past three years he has played with CSKA Moscow in the KHL.  Last season he had 4 goals and 13 assists in 51 games.

Ooooooo his kung fu is strong!

As is his soccer?

Then today, the Coyotes announced that we signed our little stud-in-training Oliver Ekman-Larsson to a contract.  WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!  We took him in the 2009 draft in the first round, #6 overall.  He played well at the World Championships.  This season he played for Leksands in the HockeyAllsvenskan League and in 37 games, had 3 goals and 14 assists.  At prospect camp last year in Phx, he showed some great offensive prowess.  He’s Swedish so he gets neighbor privileges in CzechFinnistan right?

Oli oli oxen freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

His new jersey will definitely have less advertisements..... wait can that get us more money?!?!?!?!

Sorry Oli, you haz to leave your midget friend home 😦

Yandle, Sauer, Jovo, and Vandypants are the only Dmen we have signed.  WE HAVE TO HAVE Z!  But what about Sami, Aucoin, Schlemko, Ahnelov, Dmo, and Heshka?  What about the new kids?


Anyways, with the new kids coming over, I’m getting EPICALLY excited for prospect camp!

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