I Haz a Pack?!?

So the Coyotes had a pretty kickass year.  And I had a pretty kickass year right along with them.  The Coyotes had a program called “Leader of the Pack” where season ticket holders were nominated for their contributions toward promoting the Coyotes.  They had monthly winners of the award and at the end of the year, they announced the season-ticket holder of the year as the year-long Leader of the Pack.

And it was me!


Whaaaaaaaaaaat is this all about?

They gave me the award during the second intermission of the final game of the year against the Preds.  It was presented by Mike Nealy, who is the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of the Coyotes.  I told him that I had a piggybank that he could borrow if we run dangerously low on funds.

This was right after he confirmed that we are broke as hell.

What a crazy ass year.  Two hockey road trips (Denver & San Jose).  Lots of pucks attained!  Pre-camp camp was awesome!  Camp was awesome!  Having my friend Chrissa FLY INTO TOWN for the opening night WhiteOut?  Awesome.  Having my friend Isa FLY INTO TOWN for the playoff opening WhiteOut?  Awesome.  I introduced hockey to some of my friends and they loved it!  My hockey crew grew from the Canadians to becoming a full fledged gang.  The player meet and greets are always full of stories!

Now I just need to meet Shane Doan.

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