Back Up Off My Team


I went to the Glendale City Council meeting (with @lomborita and @jordanellel) to rep CzechFinnistan.

In short, the City Council agreed to the equivalent of an insurance policy of up to 25 million dollars to help fund the NHL costs of running the arena if AND ONLY IF there is no sale to a buyer (Ice Edge or Reinsdorf or Me).  The money (if actually needed, which is not likely) will be funded out of a special taxing district that business that benefit from hockey traffic can willingly opt into and bonds.  There won’t be any taxes raised for Glendale residents.

SO CALM THE FUCK DOWN HOCKEY WORLD.  I was freaked out and worked up and it was all for nothing.  Ugh.  Stupid of me, but shame on the hockey world (normally somewhat reasonable) for turning into TMZ.  Boooooo!

And Winnepeg tweeters, I understand how you feel because I almost lost my team, but back up off my team.  They are spoken for.  I’m sorry you’re getting jerked around, but so are we.  Don’t take it out on us.

So we shall live to play hockey in the desert another day (season).  *excite*

PS ~ Bill Daley said he would sell the team to me if I got more friends.  He didn’t say I needed more money.  He said I needed more friends.   If you need me, I’ll be out making more friends.

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