Summer of Doom Part II

The mission:  To  keep hockey relevant through the unbearably hot summer months in Phoenix/Glendale/ShutUpIt’sAllTheSamePlace.

The solution:  For the past two summers, in order to make the Coyotes stay in the headlines all summer, we have had ownership drama!  It’s like Days of Our Lives without the evil twins (Balsillie was an only child) and taboo love of long lost siblings (Fiddy and Yandle are only roommates, not related).

Well, the solution certainly kept the Coyotes in the headlines in Phx over the summer, but also in the headlines in Canada.  Pretty sure Dave Shoalts replaced his Playboys with copies of our court documents if you know what I mean.  The team was held hostage.  The fans were held hostage.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, not so much.  But the team stayed and that was the main thing that made the strife worth it.

Fast forward a year and how are we going to stay relevant in summer 2010?  A deep playoff run you say?  Shane Doan being the angel that he is and Holmstrom’s gigantic ass helped seal the deal on a first round exit for my valiant Coyotes.

OH MY GOD DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE FUN???????????????   SUMMER OF DOOM PART II.  Everyone knows sequels are all the rage.  (Watch out Dallas, remakes are pretty in style too.)

I’m still healing from the Red Wing injury and we have to go charging off into battle again?  Seriously?  I guess it wouldn’t be summer in Phoenix without hockey drama.

I guess ownership drama is better than no drama due to having no team.

Glendale City Council meeting ~ 5/11/10 at 7:00pm  @ 5850 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ

@lomborita and I will be there representing CzechFinnistan.  Coyotes fight? Ugh.  Tally fucking ho.

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