I’m Aliiiiiiiive

Ok, it’s been a full week.  I am ready to blog….. maybe.  Hell, it took me three days to even be ready to be on twitter again.

I can’t imagine how the players feel, because I am exhausted.  Emotionally exhausted!

I cried.  In public.  Yeah.

It was so much worse than ending the season when you don’t make the playoffs.  Then you know and you are prepared.

This was do or die.  And we died.  It could have gone either way!  We were either done or got 4 more games at the VERY LEAST.  And we were done.

Me too Adrian. Me too.

There isn’t much to say about the last game.  Mark put it best when he said that they had nothing because they left it all on the ice in Detroit trying to make us it back to play at home for us one more time.  Is that putting the effort in the best possible light?  Maybe.   But kiss my ass, it’s my blog.

Oh Yands, I'm with ya hun.

Coaches came up with a new punishment for poor play. They sing. Badly.

It was effective only on Winnik.

Yandle busted out as a star during the series.  It’s a fact.  This was his year.  As went Yandle, as went the Coyotes.

Practicing his PlayGirl pose and his PlayGirl answers

The Czechs showed the ability to take over a game or two and steal it for us.  Prucha had an amazing game, Radim returned to snipper status, and Marty excelled in both the faceoff circle and in working against their top line (with a shoulder injury).

Radim ❤

Pru ❤

Monster ❤

Unfortunately, we were, at times, lost without our fearless leader.  While he was indeed fearless, he unfortunately was not unbreakable.

Hockey Jesus

So looking at the summer.  I am worried.  We have a lot of RFAs and a few really important UFAs to get signed.  Who?  Who could be super important?

Marty and Korps: Z has <3? WTF?

Z!  I’m gonna do a whole post about you so all I will say is……….. that deal we talked about at the charity event.  It’s on!

Overall, there were a lot of good moments in the playoffs and I’ll always remember my first WhiteOut.

Winnie sees his mom!

Bryz loves Winnie hugz

Old Man Langer was back in the spotlight ❤

We need to celebrate Pru's facial hairs. Bravo!

Winnie is one happy criminal lookin' man

Oh Christ Bertuzzi, you ARE NOT

A Hero ❤

I have ideas for summer blogs.  Now that I’m able to function and blog, hopefully they will be more consistent!

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2 Responses to I’m Aliiiiiiiive

  1. Michael says:

    I was beginning to wonder where on earth you were.

    I was very sad too, it felt like losing an arm or leg. But all in all it was a truly wonderful season that succeeded all expectations and made me very happy.

    They made me proud to be a true Coyotes fan, and not some band-wagoner.

    I hope we don’t lose too many good players, and I can’t wait for the next season!

  2. aheadbyacentury says:

    Don’t be sad, be very proud! This has been a great run for the Yotes and even non-fans were rooting for ya….hope you dont lose too many assets this summer

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