Hockey Character

I’m starting this blog post not really knowing where I am going with it.  I just felt prompted to write it.  People have said over and over that hockey players are the athletes that are closest to real people.  I mean, they play a game for a living and make pretty good money so it’s not exactly busting their butts at two minimum wage jobs to make ends meet, but it’s still an insane amount of work/dedication.  To be honest, I don’t have a basis for comparison because, although I’ve been a lifelong sports fan, I’ve only ever met hockey players.  I guess that speaks volumes right there.

I am definitely guilty of putting the players on an unrealistic pedestal.  While the cerebral part of me knows that it doesn’t happen, the rest of me believes that they are little angels that are all friends with each other and do no wrong (except Getzlaf, Pronger, and Chris Neal…. I’m pretty sure they are in a Satanic Cult together).

When they do make mistakes, I’m pretty quick to forgive some things.  Patrick Kane made some idiot choices in the back of vehicles (cab AND limo?), but he’s really young and college age guys do dumb shit all the time.  At least he wasn’t drinking and driving in either case.  Sean Burke pleading guilty to domestic violence is less easy to overlook.

What made me think of this is the giant clusterfuck that is the whole Big Ben situation.  There are multiple allegations that he raped girls.  At the very least he has engaged in behavior that is completely unacceptable.  I used to looooove Ben.  He was the hero that was able to march his team down the field in championship games, even as a rookie.  All-American boy.  The sad thing is that it’s not shocking for an NFL player.  With the Gilbert Arenas/gun in the locker room debacle, it wouldn’t be shocking for NBA.

How did this.......

The NFL is looking at suspending Ben for 6 games for poor conduct.  Dude, our league suspended head douche Sean Avery for six games for talking bad about his ex!  Helloooooo higher standard!  Even without the assault, I guess I would just be shocked if hockey players carried themselves in such a manner.  I’m sure it happens, but even Mike Green’s faily attempt at living like a rock star (leave that to Ovi!) doesn’t disqualify him as a role model. We don’t really have ‘that type of guy’.   I’m sure that’s naive. I feel like it’s safer to look have hockey players as role models.  Even the dude I HATE most (Getzlaf) is a pretty good dude for the most part.

Why can’t they all be like Shane Doan?  For reals.

... become this?

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2 Responses to Hockey Character

  1. Cass says:

    “Higher standard”–I noticed this about hockey right away (I mean, as soon as I discovered the sport earlier this year) and it’s what’s drawn me in. You nailed it. I know there will be ne’er do wells in any sport/industry, but I am particularly impressed with what I consider to be above average personal integrity and leadership of hockey players.

    My two cents.

  2. Kerri says:

    Six games in football is about 25 games in hockey when you consider the amount of games in a season and the worth of each regular season game. And it should be mentioned that some of us thought Avery’s suspension was BS and stupid anyway… =P

    Hockey player aren’t perfect. Rangers fans used to chant “Beat your wife, Potvin, Beat your wife” after allegations of domestic assault came out. Dany Heatley has his skeletons. Although it certainly is nice to know that the majority of these guys aren’t like that. And even when they make mistakes, it is few and far between. Football and Basketball and Baseball don’t breed those types of proud players like hockey does. In many cases, hockey holds the real role models, and yet most kids still rather look up to a star quarterback or pitcher.

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