Yes, I DO Know the Way To San Jose

I learned many, many things on this trip to San Jose.

1)  22 hours in a car in a weekend is doable, but it damn sure better involve a freaking TREASURE at the end of that long ass rainbow.  We had a pretty good time during the drive.  Most of it was pretty, supposedly we saw an accident (I totally missed it and think Mark made it up), and we had lots of laughs.  Mostly me, the kind I couldn’t stop.  Eeek!

2) California is brimming with two things:  Cows and Joe Thornton jerseys.  Naturally, my mind blended these two things together.  Whenever Thornton would come on the ice, Ashley or I would yell COW!  MOO!  And whenever we saw a cow, we would yell THORNTON!

3)  Shark fans are awesome!  Except the two I almost got in fights with and this one chick who I actually WANTED to fight.  These two dudes were ultra rude after the game and were SCREAMING at us.  Pretty sure I wasn’t gonna take it so I yelled back that all I could hear was choking.  😐  Idiots.  And the girl isn’t even worth talking about.

*I huff when other people cheer and scream when my goalie makes a save* *tee hee*

4)  NOKIE HAS A FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were all rocking our black third jerseys (Mark/Winnik, Ashley/Aucoin and Me/Hanzal) and we saw this guy across the ice in a third jersey that was customized.  It had the #71 but we’re like no way, someone has a Nokie jersey already?  So we waved at him and did the international “turn around” hand spin and sure enough it was a Nokie jersey!   NOKIE, YOU HAZ A FAN!  YOU HAZ A JERSEY FAN!  YOU HAZ A JERSEY FAN THAT TRAVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were pretty excited cuz Nokie needs a fan.

❤ Nokie's Jersey Travel Fan

5) SHANE DOAN IS JESUS EVERYWHERE!  Home, road, outer space…….. that man is amazing.  We showed him our sign for him and he looooooooooooooved it.  He laughed and kept skating over by us and smiling at us.  ❤ Jesus/Doan.  I would follow that man anywhere.

6)  Tyson Nash works a street corner in San Jose ~   We were walking down the street towards this local bar (which was kickass by the way ~ Firehouse #1 is the place to be in San Jose).  We see this guy leaning against a building on his cell phone and I yell out NASHER!  I kind of wave and we kept walking.  Then I made us go back.  Cuz yeah, we randomly ran into Tyson Nash.  He was really nice and impressed that we were crazy enough to drive.  He gave us directions to the Tank.  So I ask him “Is this the corner you work or what?”  Cuz I’m classy and shy 😀  He’s like, yeah retirement’s hard!

Us at Nash's street corner

7)  We went Swift Truck hunting.  They are much too plentiful and need to be thinned out greatly.  We flashed them our new game sign as we passed them.

😐 *gang sign*

8) Gang Sign?  Amy are you on crack?  No.  When Ashley and I had to pee in a scary ass Arco in East LA that had crap CARVED INTO THE TOILET SEAT, we formed a new gang.  We are FU….. Fun Unlimited.  We operate under the principles of Fiddy and Yandle.  Here is a picture of us throwing the FU gang sign at a two headed tiger in San Jose that was apparently a Sharks fan.

One body, two heads & glowy eyes. Whatevs, FU!

9) Oh yeah, we even went to a game and had some quasi-Swanky Swank seats!


10)  The Sharks fans were loud.  The Sharks fans were organized.  Phoenix, we need to work on this.  Seriously.  It was a cool place to watch a game and I would totally go again.  If for nothing else, I would get to yell COW at Thornton.

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One Response to Yes, I DO Know the Way To San Jose

  1. Cass says:

    Awesome post! I’m so glad you guys got to go and had fun. It was great to watch your real-time photojournalism on Twitter.

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