Rage Engage

Mark tells me that playoffs are different.  Mark tells me that playoffs are different multiple times.  Practically daily.  The boy has told me this so often that it has become an ongoing joke.  We made the playoffs?  I’ve heard it’s different.  Is it different?

It’s different.  I realized that today.

There is something to be said for predictability.  If we had not made the playoffs, tomorrow night would be our last home game.  Saturday at San Jose would be the last time I would see the boys before summer.  You prepare yourself and accept the end.  You know when it will end.

The playoffs:  we could be sent packing at any time.  We don’t know when.  We could play for an extra week, we could play for an extra month.  It all depends on us.  How bad we want more hockey.

The other team?  They are trying to separate us from the team.  They are trying to send the team to their off-season homes early.  I AM NOT READY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.

I don’t care about ownership.  I don’t care about Winnepeg.  I don’t care about haters.  I don’t care about the Whiteout vs. Sandstorm.  I don’t care about anything other than keeping the season going for as long as possible.    None of it matters but this.  FOCUS.

It’s time to go guerrilla.

Amy, WTF does go guerrilla mean?

Readers, I will tell you.

We are not above using quasi-child nudity.

At least they aren't going commando

We will dress as an army of white.

We will cast off any quasi-allegiances we held onto.

Peter Mueller, I love you to death, but I can’t express the proper outrage at Rob Blake until after playoffs.

Ryan Kesler, you are hockey dead to me until after playoffs. (USA! USA! USA! Sorry, had to get that out of my system.  Hockey death starts………. now!)

Kes </3

UGH! Don't cry Kes, it's just until playoffs are over!

We will scream until our voices are hoarse and then we will scream some more.

We will gather together for AWAY games just to scream more.

So, the playoffs are different.  I can feel it starting.  The need to make a difference.  To get the boys pumped up and ready to kick ass.  Penalty kill?  Pretty sure I want to stand up and scream KILL! KILL! KILL!   KILL! KILL! KILL!  like the entire two minutes.

Rage engage.

Game on.

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