Holding Out For a Hero? Try Lombo.

Dear Vern Fiddler:

You are the hero of the day for crazy mad fist bumps in the tunnel when you came out.  You are such a good dude, for reals.

Dear Lombo,

I gave you intense eye contact and said LOMBO!  But you came through with the fist bump.  Stud!

Dear Z,

Fist bump.  You are my rock star of the day.

Dear Shane Doan,

I know we have never met, but, today, I was touched by the healing fist bump of hockey Jesus.  Next time: words.


So we were in the tunnel when the dudes came out.  It was not like prom where they went slow and announced.  Next, Mr. Keith Yandle, escorted by Mr. Vern Fiddler.  They did not walk slow because Yandle was not hampered by four inch heels and Fiddy had no cumberbund.  They marched out and were all focused.  WTF?  It’s warm-ups dudes.  Don’t try to act like they are business because I have seen all of you be giddy and goofy.  😛  Still pretty cool though.

There was a minor sign emergency, but we adapted and overcame.  Whew!

Oh yes, and there was a game!

Who scores first?


No.  Damnit I wanted to yell Lee! so bad.  And he was on the ice when the goal happened?  If a goal is scored, and it’s not by Lee, does it still count?  As it turns out, yes, it does still count.

LOMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  You scored!  Did you have extra magic in your crazy hair tonight or what?

Some Edmonton dude scored.  Supposedly.  We were too busy trying to drown out the lil kid Oiler cheerleaders in the next suite.  Who let those kids out of their cages?  Sheesh.

Tie game at the end of the first.  Fine Oilers.  Be that way.

Second period:

Winnik scores.  No, April Fools is over.  No, I’m not trying to do a late April Fools gag.  Winnik…. YES DANIEL WINNIK!


Job Winnie!

Oilers, what the hell is up with you and penalties tonight?  You had 9 of them tonight.  NINE!  At one points, our entire team was out there against two of your dudes but we couldn’t score cuz we were all sorts of bumper cars.

Speaking of penalites….. whoever was stupid enough on the Oilers to almost get FIREBOMBED, you got off lucky.  Don’t mess with the Czechs.  Haven’t you read this blog before?  They teach people how to read in Edmonton right?


End of the second and we are up 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the second intermission there may or may not have been some ceremony where I was the Coyotes bench.  You know, where their butts dwell.  Nice!  I may or may not also be in one during the second intermission of the Wednesday game.  Woot!

Third period:

Dustin Penner, you’re jealous of our playoffness and score.  Your reward?  I am sending Sidney Crosby to your house to punch you in the nads (I knew Crosby was good for something!).


Gratuitous Czech Picture *intense czech stares*

Of course it went to overtime.

Of course it went to a shootout.

So I yelled Jesus Christ!  And Jessica yells “THAT’S YOU DOAN!”  I laughed so hard because the timing was perfect.


Wolski:  No.  Hey, this usually works out good for us when he starts out with a miss.

Korps:  KORPS!

*Sidebar diatribe* Listen goalie, you may not ever, Ever, EVER throw your stick at Korps/Korp’s shot/in the general direction of a Finn, or I will Ballard you.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?  Refs:  THE GOALIE CANNOT BLOCK THE SHOT BY THROWING HIS STICK.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Korps was skating around pleading his case.  He was so mad that he beat his stick against the wall and went straight back to the lockerroom. 😦

My memory is long goalie 😐

Yandle sings his dissent

Radim:  Oh Vrbs, man I can depend on!  Well, not so much tonight.  You just missed.

Lee:  I want to yell LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  He didn’t score.  I yelled it anyways.

Adrian:  CLOSER!  CLOSER!  Nope.

Jesus:  No Easter miracle, despite my sign of the cross!

Pru:  STFU!  PRU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!   PRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUcha missed. 😦  Goalie once again threw his stick.

Imma shove that goalie stick up goalie's ass sideways 😐

Lombo:  Oh you crazy haired cheetah!  You don’t dangle and score in shootouts ….. or…..


Lombo love line

DO YOU 😀 😀 😀

When being interviewed, Lombo said “Vrby just told me what to do”.   I once again reiterate that Vrby is the man I can rely on in a pinch!

Of course Bryz stonewalled all the Oilers and we all lived happily ever after!

Bryz you superstar!

MVP ~ Lomboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  A goal and a shootout win.  Resign.  Please.

Most Improved:  Korps got a point tonight.  I feel more coming.  Plus he didn’ t stab the goalie.  I would have stabbed the goalie.

Tip for Tippett: You should have done Gretzky RAGE FACE at the refs for Korps’ shootout goal!  FLIP UR LID!

Fan Appreciation Night

Makes me motherf-ing epically jealous 😦

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