Playoff Beards, Phoenix Style

I have an idea.

I haven’t been the biggest rah-rah girl for Tippett mainly because my brain doesn’t function when it comes to hockey, it’s all heart.  He uses no heart and uses all brain.  Therefore he had I disagree about things, but whatever.

I think they Phoenix Coyote players should skip traditional playoff beards in favor of paying homage to the coach that got us here:

Tippett 'Staches

DUDE!  How great would it be to have all the players with Tippett ‘Staches!  It could work!  Playoff beards can be patchy and horrible.  This is all around win!

❤ Yands

Grrrr! SCARY!



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3 Responses to Playoff Beards, Phoenix Style

  1. Cass says:

    hmmm. I like the sentiment, but I prefer my Taylor Pyatt clean shaven.

    Also, am I the only one who notices the similarity between Tippett’s stache and his eyebrows in that pic? It’s like 3 of a kind…

  2. Ross says:

    Well, that didn’t work at all… Let’s try again!

  3. Ross says:

    I was bored at work and decided to actually put Tippett’s stache on these guys…


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