Avalanche! ….. of emotions

I don’t know what to say.  Mark this day on your calendar folks.

It was a full house.  It really struck me during the game how loud it was.  The chant was loud.  The crowd loudly booed calls.  The crowd cheered clears on PK.

I thought back to the start of the year and being in the stands for games where no one was there.

So yeah, I pretty much almost busted out in tears at the end of the game when the Coyotes saluted the crowd:

The whole playoff clinching, Coyote saluting, sellout, good play for a big crowdness of the day was exhausting!

Ok … the game! Mueller didn’t play.  I’m kinda bummed because I always like to see him play.  On the upside, the fans didn’t get a chance to boo him which would pretty much enrage me, so win for me!

I think the refs secretly lost their whistles and were so excited when they found them that they blew them!  That is the only possible explanation for most of the calls tonight.  They either let them play waaaaaay too  much or they made terrible calls!

Who scores first?  Some Avs guy……… but for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A Dmo shot went off an Avs player’s stick and in!  I have mixed feelings about Dmo coming back, but maybe that’s a blog for another day.  We will take the goal!

We obviously felt bad that we got that goal in a bad fashion.  So to make it up to the Avs, while we were on the power play, we let them score a short-handed goal.  We even let Kevin Porter score it since he is our former player.  (I’m so excited that Porter isn’t one of ours anymore!!!!!  I never really liked him and now I can boo him….. like people boo Muels.  I’m such a hippocrite!)

So tie game.  Sounds fair.

At the end of the first period there was a fight.  A mob of approximately 1,839 females started to rush the glass when fists started to fly because the Coyotes punch thrower was none other than Taylor Pyatt.  WTF?  The girls screamed in unison:  NO! NOT HIS FACE………………….!

Who knew that Taylor could seriously put the hurt on someone?

Never fear ladies!  Taylor beat that dude’s ass!  I don’t know what he said, but obviously it was bad enough to deserve a beat down.  The fight was really one sided and Taylor earned mad respect from me for his skillz.  FYI NHL people, don’t mess with the man.

Apparently Taylor putting his face/eyes/moneymaker in peril motivated the team because in the second period, we came out to set the world on fire.  Who had the lighter fluid?

Wolski!  Guess who is coming out of Stempniak’s shadow!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor motivated not only the team, but himself because that man scored a goal!  He also had an assist on Dmo’s goal.  Goal. Assist. Fight.  GORDIE HOWE HAT TRICK BABY!

Second period went swimmingly until the last two minutes.  Avs score 😦

Don't steal Bryz's jokes

Beginning of the third period was the watershed time of the game.  We were up 3-2.  We could let them tie easily.  Were we going to decide to press them offensively or were we going to try shutdown D?

Here is your answer:

Stempniak. That kid saw that Wolski is starting to get out of his shadow and he’s like, goddamnit now I need to make my shadow bigger.  *sigh*  I guess I’ll score.  Twice.  That’s right, I’ll score twice in this period, one on the power play.  I’m Lee Stempniak and I make the sun rise and set.  (Careful Lee, you’re starting to hone in on Doan’s Jesus-ness).

Oh Lombo

And Fiddy gets a short-handed, empty net goal.  Gravy!

Coyotes win 6-2.


Goalie assassin! (No not Ballard!)

MVP ~ Holy crap.  Lee had two goals and an assist.  Taylor had a Gordie Howe hat trick.  Wolski had a goal and two assists.  MY MVP: Petteri Nokelainen.  He got his first point as a Coyote.  He’s been physical and doing a good job on our crusher line.  He’s been doing a good job on penalty kill.  And let’s face it people, I’m really a ‘defensive forward’ type of girl.  Korps?  Marty?  Plus, his name is Petteri, win!

Most Improved:  Taylor.  Huge night hun!

Tip for Tippett:  I don’t have much.  Hmmm…… can you send Teek down for at least warmups if I’m never going to get to see him play?  PLEASE?  I have to make sure the KHL didn’t mutate him.

I want a super secret Yandle handshake of my own.....BAD


Ummm whatcha doing Marty?

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3 Responses to Avalanche! ….. of emotions

  1. row G says:

    First, i love the bit about Taylor. All the girls rushing the glass? Hilarious. Loved it, and i was thinking the same thing: not his face! But then he beat ass, and i was happy.

    Second, i was half way up the stairs busting tail to get to my car, but turned around when the guys came back on the ice. And maybe got a little misty eyed. Maybe. But dont tell.

    Finally, love to hear more about how you feel about Morris coming back. Maybe a Sunday blog update?

  2. Cass says:

    1. I always love your photo captions.

    2. Was TOTALLY thinking THE EXACT SAME THING when it came to Taylor Pyatt’s face. And then some Canuck fans on Twitter gave me a hard time for thinking he’s cute. However, I will never back down from a declaration that a hockey player is cute. I stood up to those bitter Canuck fans.

    Great recap. It was fun to watch then, and fun to read about now.

  3. Phil says:

    You may not know this, but in the only other fight Pretty Eyes (it’s what we called him in Buffalo for his gorgeous peepers) got in, he broke Steve Montador’s nose and dropped him to the ice in like three punches. BAM BAM BAM and it was over.

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