*Insert Predator Noise Here*

Apparently our mantra is this:  We will spot you the first two periods, but don’t fuck with us in the third period, yo.

I, like an unbelieving idiot, thought we were toast.  Our goose was cooked.  Our _____ (food) was ______ (past tense of verb indicating defeat).

And yet again we come charging back.

We started out with:

LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Stemps, you had no points for two whole games.  WTF is up with that?  Who do you think you are slacking off?  GET IT TOGETHER SON.  Kidding.  Completely.  You’re a stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!

So we were up 1-0!  Then the Preds scored……. three goals.  WHAT?  Bryz faced an unusually high number of shots and  midway through the third period, we were down 3-1.

Give up?  Pack it in? ______ (action depicting defeat)?

Please.  Don’t you know who we be?

Hey! Z needs goal love too!

Who start the rally?  Wojtek Wolski.  Kudos!

Who tied the game and decided that he was not going to let us lose?  Who threw us on his back and carried us?  Who _____________ (analogy about Yandle being epic)?   YANDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yands tied the game up with a goal to go along with his two assists.  Well played sir, well played!

Of course we went to overtime.

Of course we went to shootout.

Of course we won because Tippett put in Wolski, Korps, Vrby and then Aucoin because that’s the lineup that has won us six straight shootouts and you don’t fuck with something that has won you six straight shootouts!

Excuse me?

He didn’t use the regular line.  Ummmmmm…..wtf?

Lee:  LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Stemps with the goal.  Good way to start kid!

Adrian:  Honey, this isn’t what you do!  This isn’t your spot.  *menacing glare at Tippett*  WHERE IS KORPS?!?!?!  Adrian got saved, and not the ‘come to Doan’ type.

Vrby:  Man I can rely on!  So close 😦  You hit the bar.  You hit the crossbar.  You hit everything but the net 😦

So we lost, but still got a point.

MVP:  Yandle.  Piggyback ride!!!!!!

Most Improved:  Stemps….. goal and shootout goal.  Nice!

Tip for Tippett: I don’t even have to say it, you know.

Random Gratuitous Czech Picture ~ Unhand him Hammer and no one has to get hurt!

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