Ex’s, Babies, and Boyfriend Teams, OH MY!


In the Fall of the 08-09 season, I got my first jersey and it was a white Mueller!!!

When Mueller was out with his concussion last year, I made my first sign.  “O Peter, Where For Art Thou?”.  Awwwwwww!  My first sign!

When I had my first random Coyote run-in, it was when I met Mueller at a bar last summer (and totally talked to him about Radim because I’m stupid).  It was awesome.  He was so nice and we talked quite a while, it was awesome.

So, putting it mildly, I’m not gonna hate the kid or give up just because he’s a little long distance now.  If you feel differently, good for you.  If you have a problem with it or with him?  I don’t care, don’t tell me.

Anyways!  UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 11 games with the Colorado Avalanche, Muels has 15 points (!!!!!!!).  He’s playing on a great line with Matt Duchene and Milan Hejduk.  He’s got 5 goals and 10 assists (plus a shootout goal!!!!!).  He’s running point for one of the Avs power play units and has 4 PP points so far.  He’s been given a lot of responsibility and has played upwards of 18, 19 and 21 minutes in the last few games.  That’s a ton of ice time and he has really risen up to what they need from him.  He seems to have really meshed with his young linemates (Matt’s 19 and Milan’s 23).

And in the game TONIGHT against the Kings, he already has two assists!  WOOT!

Good for you Muels!

Haters to the left baby!


Kyle Turris….. hmm that name sounds familiar.  Turris and MacLean have had ok years down in San Antonio.  68 games into the season, Brett has 29 goals and 30 assists for 59 total points.  Kyle has 19 goals and 35 assists for 54 total points.

After a tough start to the year and a horrific, horrific November that no one should ever have to endure, Turris is coming on.  It must have been tough to swallow an entire year in San Antonio when Boeds and Teek got at least sporadic call-ups.  Hopefully, it didn’t ruin his attitude and he will be able to make an impression at camp next year.

Kyle, come spend the summer at mah house.  We will bulk you up and get you mean/ugly/ready to bash Versteeg’s face in!  GRRRRRRR!

OMG Zack Morris, I didn't know you played hockey!


Everyone needs a backup team.  My “boyfriend team” is the Washington Capitals.  Now I’m not a bandwagoner so back off.  My connection to the Caps is Mike Green.  His Dad’s name is the same as my Dad’s name.  This makes him my brother from another mother.  It’s a family thing!

Anyways, this works out best because:

A) I love Green’s faily hair!

B) Ovi is reckless but I still love him and think he’s the best player in the world (sorry Crysby, Geno is second).

C) They have cool ass character dudes like Noobs and Laich.

D) Nicky Backstrom is sick.

This could never work if I was an Eastern Conference girl, but it’s perfect!  Now, as long as the Caps get knocked out before the Finals so they don’t face my Coyotes when we make it there! 😀

Poor Semin. Seriously.

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