Eye of the Tiger

Blah.  We losted.  We fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally losted.

At least it was to the Blackhawks.  It’s not like we tanked against the Oilers *cough cough* SAN JOSE *cough cough*

We were getting a bit too much attention.

We need to stay the underdog.  We need to stay hungry.  We need to be angry and ugly heading into the playoffs. We need to keep the eye of the tiger (Yandle!)

Z is a jockey in his spare time

Oakie winning is tough work!

Oakie is all kinds of "The Closer"

Bah!  There were long stretches where we got our asses handed to us.  But then we would battle back.

A couple of the power plays were a complete loss.  One of them was EPIC and we got robbed.

Shane Doan was robbed of a goal.  Thanks refs.  Now the hockey gods owe us one, and we can collect that in a more important game.  xoxo!

There wasn’t really a MVP.  But let me say this:  there were two separate occasions where Prucha made me say OH MY GOD cuz he was working like a madman.

Go Pru! Go go go!

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