Kumbaya My Lord…. Kumbaya

Lightning.  Please don’t steal our thunder.  Oooooooooooooooooh we’re starting off with a bad pun ladies and gentlemen!  Strap yourself in for a crappy ride!

First things first:

Who is not hurt and played?  Hanzal.

Who is back in the lineup?  Prucha.

What line is back together?  Czech line.

Do you hear that?  Birds singing.  Do you see that?  Rainbows in the sky.  Do you feel that?  Warm fuzzies galore.

All is once again right with the world.


First period:

We had great puck possession and played most of the period at the Lightning end.  GOOD!  I am stilled pissed at the Lightning for their crappy treatment of Radim.  BAH!

Lee scored!  Wait.  No.  Damnit, I was so used to typing that.  Lee, where the hell was your goal? 😛  You did get an assist so the point streak continues…..

Fiddy scored!

Lombo scores!  No, it wasn’t his butt.  This one was actually his hands.  I’m pretty sure we can give his butt an assist though….?

Lombo, don't make Doan jealous!

Holy crap, the goals were pouring in….. we might blow them away 15 to 0!

Or not.

Second period:

Not much happened.  Jovo and Marty got penalties.  We controlled the first half of the period.

Then something happened.

Someone woke up the lightning.  DAMNIT!

I tried to sing them back into sleep.  Hush lil Vinny, dont you cry, Amy’s gonna stab Downie in the eye with toenail clippings.  That’s how that lullabye goes right?

Why don't they pick on someone their own size?

Third period:

The lullabye didn’t work.  Fridge scored a goal in the second.  Gah!  During an interview during the break, Fridge said that Doan was the best man in hockey.  Awwww ❤  I forgive him for the goal.

Bryz had to be ultra good this period because he definitely saw some rubber.  *insert condom joke here* 😛

Anyways, WE WON!

At the end, Downie shoved Jovo, Doan grabbed Downie, and Fiddy had a fight of a different kind with Stamkos:

Oh Gentlemen, really?

MVP ~ Bryz!  You’ve been a fricken kickass wall lately.  A Russian Wall, not like the lame Berlin Wall that gave up.  What a quitter.

Most Improved ~  The rest of Lombo.  Way to catch up to your caboose’s skill display last game!

Tip for Tippett:  Please Teek?  *puppy eyes* (but not at the cost of Czechs or Korps)

We all wanna be touched by Jesus

PS ~ Yandle!  Can I haz a super-secret Yandle handshake of my very own?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?????????????????

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