I don’t know what went wrong but someone call in the National Guard, we have a CZECH DOWN!

This day was full of crappy fail from the start.

Prucha was scratched.  WHAT THE HELL?  We played BISSONNETTE over PRUCHA?  Has everyone lost their damn minds?  I know Tippett didn’t get a lot of sleep with the time change but I seriously may have slapped him across the face if I had seen him in person.  After everything Prucha has been through, the last thing he needs to motivate him is to HEALTHY SCRATCH him!

Then in the first period, Marty gets hurt.  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  The boy kicks ass on Penalty Kill, the boy plays Power Play, and rolls regular shifts.  If there is ANYONE we cannot afford to lose, it be the Monster.  Plus, I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but …… I don’t think he’s a terrorist.

After watching the first period like three times, the best I can tell is that he finished his last shift at the 14:23 mark and didn’t appear hurt when he went over the wall.  Gah!

Barbs tries to intimidate the Thrashers

Anyways, back to the action:

Who scores the first goal of the game?  Lombo………………….’s ass!  Yandle shot the puck (hey, someone has to!) and this Thrasher dude shoves Lombo forward, causing him to fall.  Nice move douchebag, cuz if you hadn’t, Lombo’s bod would not have redirected the puck.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Lombo’s ass!

Hi Lombo!

Not to be outshone by Lombo’s caboose, Lee’s hands decided to get into the action.  Gooooooooooooooooal!  Ok Stempniak.  I know you’re new and want to rack up the mentions in my blog, but you don’t ALWAYS have to score.  I mean it’s cool, keep going with your badass self, but I will also write about you for other reasons.

For example, if you punched Bissonnette for being played instead of Prucha, I WOULD DEFINITELY WRITE ABOUT IT AND SING YOUR PRAISES FOREVER!!!!

Or if you would go back into the locker room, check on Marty and text me to say if he is ok or not, I WOULD ALSO DEFINITELY WRITE ABOUT THAT AND SING YOUR PRAISES FOREVER.

Or you can score goals.

It’s up to you.

Yandle assisted on both goals.  Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.  Wait. Yandle?  Are you sleeping?  YANDLE WAKE UP!

Yandle also sleeps while driving?

So the Russians scored for Atlanta and of course our tied ass game went to overtime and a shootout.  We were 13-5 in OT games coming into this game.  Holy crap!  I guess this year we really find ways to win instead of finding ways to lose 😛


Wolski:  Dude, you had sick breakaway chances during the game and got nada.  And you are 1 for 9 in the shootouts this year.  WHY IS TIPPETT SENDING YOU OUT THERE?????????????????????????  No goal.

Korps:  You are still 50% you lil specialist you!  No goal today but your move was sweet.  Just a bit wide.

Radim:  You HAD to score or we would lose.  Whew, so glad I can always count on you when I have to.

Radim! The lone Czech standing at the end

Adrian:  Like there was any fucking doubt.

Adrian was once again tired and said, Game Over

MVP :  Oakie!  You are freaking insane with your shootouts.  Who knew you had this amazing talent buried in you?  Think of all the help you could have given Calgary if they had some goddamn faith in you!

Most Improved:  Yandle!!!!!!!!!!!  You had two assists.  It took an eagle eye to spot that Lombo’s ass was open for the bank shot. (By the way, did you call bank when you shot it?)

Tip for Tippett:  I cannot believe you scratched Prucha.  You are this close —-> | | to being hockey dead to me.

Nom nom nom

Adrian ...... shake that ass!

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  1. Kels says:

    Wow, Tipppet “thisclose” to being hockey dead to you for scratching Prucha.

    Man – lsaKft, somelikeitblue, prukachu, etc, and I have really gotten to you!

    Tippett is Mr. Jack Adams, having a “system” and leading the Yotes – (behind ALL their KICK butt players to the promised land) – but he gets loathing for scratching Pru.

    LOVE IT!

    I am disappointed he didn’t play, surely. But still happy they won. It started for Pru, but it’s all about the team in the desert. I said I still wanted them to win, just not 4-0 type win. And that’s how it rolled.

    And how much did I LOVE reading it was Aucoin who scored the Shootout goal. AS IF I couldn’t have guessed.

    LOVE IT!

    Seriously though, is that 32-3-2 when they score first – un-freakin-real!!

    But P.S. to Coach – yes, messing w/the not-quite-healed psyche of an important part of your team – NOT COOL! Play Prucha!!!!

  2. Kerri says:

    *cry* “the not-quite-healed psyche”

    ^This is why it’s unacceptable unless the benching is fully deserved. I get shake ups and all, even during winning streaks. I don’t like not knowing your players, though.

    Hope Hanzal’s alright! =/

  3. Kerry says:

    Rangers fan here who loves this site. I follow the Coyotes now b/c of Prucha and I can’t beleive Tippet scratched him. Well, if you think that is bad, imagine going a year plus wondering each game if he was going to play. It sucked. I actually flew to Carolina for the game this weekend to see him so thankfully he didn’t get scrathed Saturday night.

    Go Purcha! Go Yotes!

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