Kesler Attacks! *Shakes Fist* KESLER!


Holy..... Hi Ryan.

You look…. nice.  Look I’m sorry about the yelling and fist shaking.  But, you’re back with the Canucks.  I hate Luongo.  What?  You hate Luongo too?  Awwww <3!!! WAIT! NO!  We’re both going to the playoffs and I can’t be soft for other teams.  Team USA was great but….. I just can’t hockey like you.

GAH! KES! Enough with the babies!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING!  PUT THE BABY DOWN!  It’s a really cute baby.  You look pretty great holding it.  Awwwwww <3!!!  NO!  NOT EVEN WITH THE BABY!  Can’t work…..

Now you're giving me the silent treatment?!?!?!

Ryan!  Take off the headphones and listen to me!  Silent treatment?  REALLY?  Ugh!  I feel bad!  If you played for an eastern conference team it would be easy!  But…. THE CANUCKS!  UGH! GAH!  PUKE!  I can’t…….

Awwww I remember this

Awwww I remember this

Awwww, this was so great.  I was so excited for you!  You played your heart out for Team USA and we beat Canada!  You guys were so out of your minds happy!!!!  But Ryan, THE CANUCKS!  UGH! GAH! PUKE!

Gah! Don't bring Zach into this!!!

HEY!  THAT’S NOT FAIR!  LEAVE ZACH OUT OF THIS!  You are the dirtiest fighter ever!  GAH! The Canucks! The Canucks! The Canucks! GAH! UGH! PUKE!

You're such a lil moviestar!

Hi Zach! 😀  Eastern Conference team.  University of North Dakota alumni.  What’s that Zach, you think I should cut Kesler a break?  Ok, 😀 whatever you say Zach. 😀

Damn Kesler 😐 You win this battle, but I'll win the war!

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4 Responses to Kesler Attacks! *Shakes Fist* KESLER!

  1. row G says:

    Haha, hilarious. You do know thats his baby right? Not some random kid out of the crowd…..

  2. JP says:

    I just want to thank you for writing a funny and intelligent hockey blog that show that female fans are more than just puck bunnies, unlike a certain “psycho” hockey blogger. Keep up the good work!

  3. yotesgurl says:

    Wow, thanks JP. I think it’s funny, but I don’t know about intelligent. Let’s not get high expectations 😛

  4. JP says:

    It’s nice to see a blog where a female can talk about hockey and not bring up how many players she’s bagged, her bra size or how she’s coming to stalk her hockey “soulmate” in Arizona. That’s the kind of fan that gives girls that like sports a bad name. I don’t know if you’ve read her blog or not and I certainly don’t want to direct traffic there. She’s convinced herself that several of the Coyotes have Twitter accounts to follow her and only her and that they stalk her. Those are her actual words.

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