Lee & Marty give Canes Tropical Depression

I watched this game in a bar with some of my lovely twitter peoples.  There was pre-drinking involved and alcohol during the game so this summary will be interesting and brief.

LEE STEMPNIAK ~ If Lee played for the Coyotes all year, he would be challenging for the Art Ross trophy 😛  Two goals.  Seems familiar!  Lee, didn’t you have two goals last game, plus a goal in the shootout?   WTF kind of incriminating photos did Don Maloney have on Brian Burke in order to pry this kid away from Toronto?  SERIOUSLY.

One of Lee’s goals was a power play goal.  We got that powerplay from a very painful and sad assault:

Oh Sam 😦

MARTIN HANZAL: The Czech line was broken up.  Ugh.  I guess the breakup freed Marty up to be able to actually shoot, which he doesn’t usually do, since Radim is the shooter.  So what happens when Martin Hanzal of the Czech Republic shoots?  He scores.  He scores two goals.

Let me try that again.

HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HE SCORES TWO GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOT ONE GOAL BITCHES, TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Czech Goal Monster

ILYA BRYZGALOV:  Chili dogs for your shutout.  What a damn year you are  having!  Unreal.

MVP ~ Lee!!!!!!!!!!  You had the first two goals (even though we only needed one.  You have been ON FIRE since you arrived.  Please God keep it up, we need your scoring so bad!

Most Improved ~ Martyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  You are so getting extra cookies packed in your lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Czech Monster appeared!

Tip for Tippett: I know Teek is back.  I want to see him play…. but maybe not at the expense of Korps.  Surely Winnik needs a night off now and then?

Lee? Regulation hero. Adrian? Shootout hero.

😀 So excited for you!

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One Response to Lee & Marty give Canes Tropical Depression

  1. Kels says:

    Stempniak definitely needed to be pried from Toronto. He was not the player he was when he was with St. Louis. And now he is awesome for Phoenix. Whew. Good stuff.

    But the best stuff – Hanzal shooting power! Sweet!

    So happy for Bryz and the boys. Just knew Coyotes would find a way to make my rainy day a good one. Amazing.

    And I assured the girls that even though Czechs were split, it still works. Tippett rolls four lines quite equally and there was still plenty of Pru ice time, even with “4th line” qualifications. And he got to play with Korpedo, his former roomie. Sigh.

    Go Yotes!

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