Great Cause, Great Guys, Great Day

The Coyotes Carnival was a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainy day gone right.  Was it somewhat scaled down because it was indoors due to the sky falling, yes.  But it was awesome and all for a good cause.

Radim and Winnik were running the cork-gun game next to Pru and Kurt who had the bean bag throw.  RADIM SHOT PRU WITH THE CORK GUN!  Pru wasn’t having that so he whipped a bean bag at Radim!  The whole time, Marty was throwing rings (he was at the dolphin ring toss game) at their heads.  It’s all fun and games until there is a Czech on the IR gentlemen.

Pru lifted this little dude over the barrier so he could have a closer throw.  To amuse the kid, Pru starts juggling three beanbags and he was good!

Pru laughing after juggling

Marty says, how did you get my stick, did you steal from me?  I said, you don’t give me anything anymore, don’t you love me anymore?  He turns me around (sees my Boedker jersey) and then says you don’t even wear my jerseys anymore.  GAH!  Whatevs!  Korps was with Marty and tells me, oh I don’t smile.  But he almost did in the pic!  I’m gonna call it a win!

Dmo was really chatty and seem pretty happy to be back.  Lee seemed kind of in la-la land.  It must have been awkward being the new guy when all the other new guys were back home packing up clean undies.  Poor kid.  He looked at all my sticks and was like, whose sticks do you have?  I told him they were all Czechs and he goes oooooooh.  I told him I had had an opening for an American since Mueller left.

New kid!

Taylor was with Adrian (who is a goddamn crackup!).  I told Taylor that my friend had told me about him coming over to watch American Idol at her house and Adrian goes, wait, I haven’t heard about this!  I said no Adrian, you tell embarassing stories to video cameras!

I told Yandle that I loved how chippy and mouthy he was to the Ducks.  Damnit, Yandle is really growing on me.  Eeek!

The only players I didn’t make it to were Bizz and Jovo (intentional), Barbs and Bryz (intentional) and Shane Doan (who I still haven’t met.  ever.)  One of these events I will just have to devote the whole damn thing to meeting Shane Doan like six times to make up for all the times I haven’t met him.

When we met Lombo, there was this little toddler in front of us that loooooooved Lombo.  He kept making sure she didn’t fall over when trying to walk.  I said, Lombo you have no hat today!  I love your crazy hair!  It’s true, I do.

The lines moved pretty quickly and it was easy to get to see everyone you wanted to.  Considering it was a public event, it allowed great access!

I think the most important part was that it was for charity.  When I was talking to Mark and Ashley, they mentioned how much the blind auctions and donations would be for a team in Canada.  It’s true.  Five dollars to go see a player and get a picture and autograph?  DONE!  Dude, pretty sure I would drop fifty bucks for players that I actually care about and want to see.  Plus it all goes for a good cause?  Five bucks was a bargin.  If the players are doing this for the good of other people, the least we can do is match their effort.  You have to look at players with supply and demand.  If you demand time with them, you need to supply the dough without griping.

Have a Shane Doan attitude people!

Z I'll just put my head on your should, K?

Z!  I told Z that he needed to resign and I’d call Walsh and make him an offer on top of his contract.  He said, how much! I said, I have five dollars!  He deserves nine million, but I have five.  He says, I’ll take it!

Awww Z!

I told Sami, I loved you in the Olympics!  You were like, screw all of you, I’m gonna shoot!


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One Response to Great Cause, Great Guys, Great Day

  1. Kels says:

    Sounds like it was a fun time – thanks for your summary!

    And Pru – juggling. Sigh. What can the kid not do?!

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