Rogaine Didn’t Grow You a Goal Getzlaf

Let’s start this blog off right baby!

Czechs and mood lighting? YES.

The first period was like ……….. I don’t even know, what I didn’t feel engaged.  Skating.  Blah.  No big hits.  Blah.  Aren’t we playing the Ducks?  Don’t we want to massacre these people?  HELLO?



Net, this is puck. Puck, this is net. Iz happy!

Prucha! Prucha! Prucha! Prucha! Prucha!

Dear Sather/Renney, Ha-ha we haz Prucha and you haz no Prucha!  SUCKERS!  Love, Me.

Pru celebrates while the bodyguard supervises

I stood up, yelled, and may have reinjured myself, but it was worth it!

Second period:

We seemed to remember that we were playing the Ducks and we HATE them.  Well, at least Wolski remembered.  He had a goal AND an assist this period!

I drink milk. I big and strong. Umm ok Wolski.

Who got the other goal?

Fiddddddddddddy!  Thank God.  It had been so long since you had scored!  It’s your sixth goal (and two of them have been shorthanded)!  Good job slick.

Yandle had crazy drama all night.  Apparently, the Ducks wanted to talk shit.  To Yandle.  All night.  This is a bad plan.

Yands was jawin at this kid on the Ducks bench and who opens his big bald head to add to the yapping?  Freaking Getzlaf.  UGH!  SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE GETZLAF, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SYPHILIS.  SHUT UP!

Yandle got two minutes for roughing.  At the same time Fiddy got a game misconduct.  Dude, they’re so tight that they can’t even let the glass come between them.

We like LIVED in the penalty box this game.  TEN PENALTIES.  TEN!  Sami had three and Taylor had two.  Boys!  I don’t want you to sit!  STOP!

Don't want the syph.... must not touch....

Third period:

This was all Yandle.  His mouthing off, his scrums, and some flukey goal awarded after the fact that left him confused.  Welcome to a day in the life of our homeless hockey player.  By the way, young Yandle, the house two doors down from mine is for sale.

We hosed the Ducks 4-0.  Bryz got his shutout so he gets chili dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome Bryz.

Lee and Wojtek still have their Coyote point streaks intact.

Shane Doan is still Jesus.

The sky is still blue.

MVP of the game:  Bryz!  He told the Ducks, NO GOALS FOR YOU!

Most Improved:  New kids!

Tip for Tippett:  Don’t take time from Korps 😦

You make it rain? Ha, I make it snow... in Arizona. Iz magical Czech!

Epic sign story of the night:  Corey Perry read my sign, gave me death glare, and I will have photographic proof at some point.

The sign you may wonder?

I ❤ Czechs like Getzlaf <3’s Rogaine.

It’s true.

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2 Responses to Rogaine Didn’t Grow You a Goal Getzlaf

  1. Lesley says:

    I will send you the Perry pic the minute I get home Sunday!

  2. Kels says:


    Well the Sather team could have used goal scoring last night for sure. So many wonderful chances, but shutout again.

    Meanwhile I turned on the Yotes to see the Prucha goal – PRU! – and the Fiddler goal, while the NYRs were still playing. I happened to be watching w/my father and he was like who scored that goal and I’m like Fiddy! Lol all your/their nicknames are like their real names to me! It wasn’t Vernon Fiddler, it was Fiddy.


    I loved that they won, that Pru got the GWG, and big time loved it for Bryz! A season of history in the desert for sure.

    Even the Ducks announcers who are usually so less-than-complementary of the Coyotes, are finding it harder to be that way then the Yotes are so good and the Ducks may not make the playoffs at all. Ha!

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