New Kids on the (Trading) Block

Holy new kids Batman!

So many new faces at warmups!  But of course there are the familiar faces too 😀

Thank God you were not traded


First period:

We played like crap.  Disjointed.  Not as bad as last game, but we looked like a bunch of strangers out there.  Come on boys, we aren’t ALL new!

New kid scores!

Finnish Welcoming Committee: President Korps

Good job new kid!  Lee, you’re young, you’re American.  You may be my new Mueller.  Let’s try it out and see if it works.  Big skates to fill 😦

Wait…. what are they doing…… GUYS!

Marty and Pru, you can't both be Tony, be original!

BE NICE!  Tell new kid your REAL names.  GAH!  You guys are terrible!  TERRIBLE!  (hehe).

Second period:

Coyotes “fans” start to boo Mueller whenever he has the puck.  You are booing a 21 year old kid who was just one of our kids.  Classy, suuuuuuper classy.  I hope  you all have children and they get boo’d.  A lot.  I hope they cry big tears.  But you will be too busy booing your own kid to wipe the tears away because you have to be giant douchebags.

I was on a roll with my Mueller defense on twitter:

Dear people booing mueller, grow the fuck up. He is a kid. He is my kid. So fuck off. Haters to the left. Love, me

Then he got an assist on a power play goal. (Good for him)

Dear fans booing mueller, cry fucking louder bitches, that assist is plugging his ears, he can’t hear u. Love, me

Then this douche near me needed help:

Dear man yelling mueller sucks, I wish ur mom sucked so u wouldn’t be born and being an idiot right now. Stfu. Love, me


Oh Wolski. You're gonna be a silly bastard, I can tell already

Third period:

More disjointed hockey.

Czechs: calm. Lombo: holy shit lookout!

New kid Nok just ran around hitting everyone all nite.  Calm down, there are more games!

I was just saying to Jessica that Woltek should be good against Anderson cuz he had so much practice time with him when Shane Doan whipped around behing the net.  He grabbed the puck, passed it to Woltek and he scored with 22 seconds left!  WAY TO GO NEW KID!

MVP:  New kids.

Most Improved:  Fiddy had an amazing night.  He blocked shots on PK like a madman, he punched this dude, and he was very hitty.  WAY TO GO FIDDY!

Tip for Tippett:  Now that you have extra guys and we will have nightly healthy scratches, let me give you a tip.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away?  No, keeping the Czechs out of the pressbox keeps the doctor away.  You hear what I’m sayin?

PS ~ I love you Shane Doan.  Jesus!

Jesus has surprise face!

Captain love

Oh Wolski. You ARE a silly bastard!

Crack a damn smile, your team just won dude

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