David (Backes?) vs Goliath

I told myself that this year, I was going to root for Czech Republic, Finland, and Russia for Olympic hockey.  Zbynek Michalek explains my Czech allegiance, Bryz the same for Russia, and Sami for Finland.  It has turned out that only Z was strong enough to take hold.

I wasn’t super excited for Canada vs USA.  Pretty sure Canada would dominate with their roster that is bursting with A-list talent.   Suddenly, the Sharks that play for Team Canada appear to be in post-season shape, which typically would be excellent, but it’s the Sharks and their post-season effort is full of fail.  HOPE!

When it's impossible to fail.... they find a way.....

Plus the Canadian team didn’t pick Shane Doan.  Excuse me?  Doth thou dare leave Jesus behind?  HOW DARE THEE!  May the Hockey Gods smite thee!

And of course, my patriotic feelings kick into overdrive as the game approaches.  There are some stupid ass things that I hate about this country.  And our hockey players may be a bit faily (I defended you Patrick Kane!!!!).  However, the miracle on ice literally gives me chills thinking about it and our heart may outweigh the Canadian skill.

Maybe.  Just maybe.

"I hate them," said Ryan Kesler of the Canadian team

PS  ~ I’m pretty excited that I can not hate Ryan Kesler for like five seconds during the Olympics.  Kick ass slick.

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One Response to David (Backes?) vs Goliath

  1. SueAnn says:

    Kesler is trying to make me like him….I don’t like that. =P

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