Guy Love

There once was a boy named Monster.   He got along with all the other boys, but he was missing something.  Then one day, he met a boy named Pru.  They were instantly friends.  Pru was smaller and quick.  Monster was bigger and defensive.  They spoke the same language, they played together, and laughed together.   Pru would come over and watch movies.  Monster would cook for them…. steak.  They became roommates on the road.

They had guy love.

Pru had him at Ahoj

Then one day, something bad happened.  Pru, being little and quick, was put in a bad situation.  He was smashed against the boards and hit the cuteness that is his head against the boards and was knocked out.  There are not words to adequately describe the terribleness and utter helplessness that was felt by all.  Monster went over to check on his Pru and everyone could see the look on Monster’s face.

A nightmare for Monster and for everyone

While Monster is big, he is not adept at fighting.  Mainly because he doesn’t have to be.  Who is stupid enough to fight a 6’6 man?  He doesn’t have a lot of practice.  But a man has to do, what a man has to do.  You do not hurt the Pru.  Ever.

Monster can throw bombs.... ok a bomb.

Neal may be rethinking his choice of hitting targets

Monster didn’t beat him up.  But, Monster didn’t get beat up either.  This man, with fresh stitches in his face from two games ago, tossed his helmet off and stood up for his friend when his friend was unable to stand up for himself (and we know Pru would have, right Comrie?).  He put his fists and (already tender) face on the line for his Pru.  It was brave.  It was slightly reckless, but it had to be done.  Did Monster push the responsibility off on the team enforcer to fight Neal?  No.  He manned up and did it himself.  He even remembered to take his helmet off.

Martin Hanzal, your courage is only outweighed by your heart.  You are my hero. I have never been more proud that you’re my player.

Prucha will be ok.  Monster, you have two weeks to nurse your Pru back to health.    The saga of the guy love will go on.


Hanzal isn’t the only player that amped up the hitting after Prucha got hurt.  Shane Doan was laying people the hell out all night.  Fiddy and Winnik came out smashing.  Bizz got in two scraps.  Vandy was vicious.  As Mark has said, it looked like Aucoin was going to EAT someone.  Fiddy and Aucoin actually hit each other.  Eek!

Z and Vrby never left Pru’s side the whole time he was on the ice.  Jovo went over to talk to Pru while he was being wheeled out.

You mess with one of us, and you have to deal with the rest.  I love my team so damn much.

This is so cheesy, I’ll be damned if it isn’t true, we are a Pack.

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3 Responses to Guy Love

  1. I can forgive the loss for the sheer amount of assk icking the boys in honor of Pru.

    I was proud to hear my fellow Yotes up on their feet booing the replay & people yelling & shouting at the refs to do their jobs (course they didn’t right?)

    Glad to hear Pru was back walking around the Arena before the game was over.

  2. kels says:

    I love this but it’s making me emotional all over again. I did cry, probably after Hanzal started fighting for him. It’s just something – as Prucha fans – we’ve probably always feared would happen but prayed like mad it never would. I’m just thankful he is going to be okay. Beyond thankful.

    I love Prucha and how he sticks up for people. But I equally love what Marty does for him! I think it’s so wonderful, and I just wonder if they were meant to be together on the team, you know. I mean as much as he loved Jags and Straka, etc, I think it’s wonderful Pete has such a wonderful teammate and friend in Hanzal, and I can see how they are “best buddies” and despite the plethora of Czechs on our team when Pete broke in, I don’t think he had the same type relationship with any of them.

    It feels like it was meant to be!

  3. Derek says:

    It’s not cheesy. It’s called being a hockey fan with passion who loves what her team did. And you should be very proud of Hanzal as he handled himself fine in stepping in for Pru. I loved it.

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