Real Devotion Includes Domestic Abuse?

We have never swept the Wild in the history of the franchise.  Well, it’s hard to sweep a trap, but here goes nothing!!!

Lombo was back on wing with Doan and their line was centered by Lang.  The Czech line hung together.  Taylor, Winnie, and Fiddy kicked it.  That left Muels and Baby Dane centered by Korps (ummm do you do that???).

First period:

Freaking Lantendresse.  You had a hat trick against us in Phx.  Apparently we thought you were just kidding because, yeah, we let you score the first goal of the game. Damnit!  (Seriously, what were the Habs thinking letting you go?).

Ugh. We are screw…….. HANZAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That can’t be right.  Hanzal?  Surely you mean Vrbata?  Even Prucha?  Nope.  Monster.

The Prucha Rage has been unleashed.....

Things happen in patterns.

Example:  Dec 21st : Jared Boll gets in a fight with Hanzal.  Hanzal’s face get a bit FUBAR’d.  Next game: Hanzal scores a goal.   Next game after that: Hanzal scores a goal.

February 8th:  Hanzal’s face get a bit FUBAR’d with a high stick from Penner.  Next game:  Hanzal scores a goal.  Next game after that: ????

Moral of the Story:  If we make the playoffs, I may have to start domestically abusing Hanzal.  I hit because I love…..

Prucha is on a mission to hunt pucks...... Puck Hunt!

Tie game….. woot!

Second period :

Who is this Lombo kid and what the hell has he been doing playing center all year?  Yeah yeah he has a bazillion assists…. two games at winger and three goals?





Fuck it.  LOMBO FOR VEZINA! (It he rocks his hard after two games at winger, he may be the best goalie in the history of hockey and we just don’t know yet?)

Bryz admiring the scenery?

Third period:

Skate.  la la la.  Hate Minnesota.  Yada yada…..

VRBATA with a sick goal.  It hit the side of the net.  It hit the goalie’s stick.  It hit the goalie’s ass.  It went in the net.

Assists:  Hanzal & Goalie’s ass

Insane!  And now we’re up 3-1.

Pru, I don't think the puck went in there

By the way, the Minnesota announcers gave us pretty insane love all nite.  GO US!

Havlet scores to make it 3-2 but we came out on top for the season sweep.  Excellent.

MVP (and media’s #1 Star of the Game) ~ Monster.  I don’t know if I can beat you up to make you score on a regular basis so we will save it for emergency situations.  AKA playoffs!  Way to kick ass tonight though!

Most Improved ~ Goalie’s ass ~ Backstrom’s butt has done nothing to help us win all year but it came up big (hehe) when we needed it most!

Tip for Tippett ~ Stick with Baby Dane, I haz a feeling about him and Korps together.  Like they might break the goddamn sound barrier.  BOOM!

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2 Responses to Real Devotion Includes Domestic Abuse?

  1. Pam C says:

    Great article but GIRL – there ain’t no “if we make the play offs” What’s up with THAT thinking?!!

    WE ARE making the play offs!


  2. kels says:

    lol at the Pru puck hunt. =) I want to play that game!

    And yes, in my watching the Yotes games, I’ve noticed more and more what announcers give love and which don’t.

    I’ve liked the Minny bcasts I’ve seen. I really do like San Jose, they are pretty fair and do a good job. The Ducks on the other hand – horrific. They are like NJ to our NY. I hate getting their bcasts.

    The other day during one of the Nashville games, the announcers were like, send down the scouting report on #16. He’s had 3 or 4 good chances. He’s good on the puck. Take the body.

    And I’m like, well, duh – BUT dont hurt him!


    Oh and that Lombo goal was AWESOME! Glad he’s finding a stride again!

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