Make it seven! Hell no, we’re keeping it six!

Pretty sure there wasn’t much to write about the game tonight but I made this call on twitter during the game:

It’s clear the Coyotes don’t want to MAKE IT SEVEN!  They want to KEEP IT SIX!

Gentlemen, if you win seven in a row, you don’t magically get whisked off to the frozen Canadian tundra.  You can keep your year-round golf tans and flip-flops!

I figure that I’ll catch up on using some pictures that I haven’t had a chance to yet:

This is no time for games!

Lang! This is why you haven't scored since before Christmas!

The Bermuda triangle eats planes/ships. The Czech triangle eats Superstars

Fiddy needs a mom.... wait he has Yandle.....

Paul is trapped in his jersey. He hates it when that happens

The only position Pru cannot score from? His skates

Even the refs can't deny it!

Even the other team can't deny it!

Language barrier

Why does everyone rush Bryz after the game? Roll call.

Yandle is still working on taking turns


It was last year, but it is scorched into our brain Winnie

Whats this pose Lombo? Foward canadian?

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