What I need is a good defense… ‘Cause I’m feelin’ like a criminal

The Blackhawks are a great ass team.  Toews, Kane, Sharp, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook……. dude!  We beat them back in November in AZ and I was so excited!   Partially because they owned our asses last year (like 7-1 owned).  Ugh.  Partially excited because my Slovakian jack donkey lives in Illinois and loves the Blackhawks.  So we get to talk crap and threaten to not speak to each other every time we play.

I was pretty worried this time.  We were playing at the United Center, where we hadn’t won in like 7 games or something ridiculous.  LaBarbara was starting in net.  We are in the middle of a 4 game road trip.  Alllll signs point to not goodness.

When am I going to start trusting in the magicalness that our team seems to embody this year?  We kicked their asses!  Wait, no.  Kidding.  But, we did the hard work that let us go steal points.  We’re thieves!  We’re robbers!  We’re CRIMINALS!

Ok we're magical, but not literally magical Vrbs

The first period ~ HOLY CRAP!  We played the entire period  in our own zone.  NO GOOD!  Our D was loose, rebounds were abound, and the friggen Blackhawks scored.  It was very disheartening because it’s a tough building to play in, and we don’t do so hot when we have to chase the game.  It’s hard to even chase a game when the puck keeps flying at your net!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Oh Petey, you're confused

The second period ~ Holy crap!  Somehow the hockey gods (Doan’s uncles) answered the faithful prayers for the Czech drought to end.  Vrby?  Pru?  Vrby?  Pru?  Vrby fired the puck on net and it hit ….. someone….. and went in.  If it didn’t bounce off of Pru, his dancing in front of the net distracted the goalie enough to let the puck in.  Either way, GOOD JOB PRU!  GOOD JOB VRBY!

Speed up the lovin' Prukins

Third period.   Gah!  Lots of nervous yelling.  EEK!  GAH!  ADRIAN!  NOOO!   No scoring.  BAH!

We need a breathalyzer people!

Overtime:  Here is what happened:  no scoring.  With 46 seconds left, Z got a BOGUS PENALTY.  And he was mad.  Z WAS MAD!  Z HIT HIS STICK AGAINST THE GLASS OF THE PENALTY BOX!  He was mad.  I have mad Czech love for Z, even mad Z.  It’s ok Z, we made it to the shootout!

Shootout ~ We have to quit meeting like this shootout.  I thought I made it clear.  I like you, but we have such an up and down relationship that I don’t want to keep putting myself through this trauma.  But you won’t stop coming back.  I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU!

Lang ~ Goooooooooooooooooal.  You friggen stud.  I guess you feel better after ur injury.  I’m glad.  You’re my Pseudo!


Korps ~ We can’t count on you all the time kid.  Still love you like Uppy loves Lombo.

Adrian….. ADRIAN?   GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL.  You are our freaking secret weapon old man!  You do what you do like you wanna do it and you wanna do it GOOD!

Happy boys


MVP ~ Vrby ~ without your goal, we wouldn’t have gotten one point, let alone two!  Raaaaaaaaadim!

Most Improved ~ Barbs ~ allowing one goal vs the Blackhawks?  Awesome!  Hossa had a couple of breakaways and you stoppoed him.  Whew!

Tip for Tippett ~ Thank God Lang played tonight, but…… can you play Joel before you send him back down?  I looooove Joel Perrault!

Now I get to gloat to the Slovakian.  Bahahahahahahaha.  Woot!

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2 Responses to What I need is a good defense… ‘Cause I’m feelin’ like a criminal

  1. poor confused petey 😦
    looks like tippett remembered penny’s bedtime and put him 3rd instead of 10th. good show!

  2. Kels says:

    I’m so sorry I missed this game – But, the wonders of Tivo will allow me to watch this and tonight’s game tomorrow instead!

    Was so happy to hear they won! Duh!

    Lol at Hossa and I repeat NOOO!

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