Life on the Road with the Coyotes…..

Prukins rooms with Monster. Ummm perfect.

Click the link above to view the best video of the year.  If you ever wanted to flip open the top of Fiddy and Yandle’s heads and check out their weird ass brains, this is your chance.

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What I learned from this video:

~ Fiddler and Yandle are either the coolest kids in school or two biggest dorks in school.  I can’t decide which.  Baller.

~ Yandle “definitely would not want to lose him (Fiddler)”

~ Sami is a ham and thinks that he is a “good catch”

~ Prucha officially has the best smile in the history of man…….. besides Monster.

~ Aucoin continues to have mad jokes and is “special”

~ Mueller needs a permanent roommate and I am willing to apply for the position.

~ Lombo has “good hygiene” to go with his crazy hair.

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2 Responses to Life on the Road with the Coyotes…..

  1. Bridget says:

    Pretty sure this is the best video ever made. I would watch it in IMAX 3-D.

  2. Kels says:

    I had to wait until I got home late last night but SO WORTH IT! I love it.

    And I mean what I said – the more I see of them, these boys, the more I like em! Seriously, how could one not.

    And no arguments on Prucha’s smile. 🙂

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