Stars? The only stars were Mueller, Yands, Bryz and Jesus

We beat the Rangers last night and had to fly out immediately to get to Dallas for this early ass game!  Pretty worried that we were going to play tired and flat, but not so much!  I missed the first few minutes of the game because it was blacked out in Phoenix 😐  But then Ryan was my hero and hooked me up with an online link.

By the time I started watching……. YANDLE!  I missed the ceremony where we officially made you a forward, but I’m pretty excited about it!  4 goals in the last 4 games?  SICK!  You are slowly ceasing to be our secret weapon.

Oh Yandle

Yandles goal had assists from Doan and Mueller.


Is he still with this team?

Pretty sure everyone has been trashing him and talking about shipping him off.

Not so fast.

Second goal?  Mueller.  That’s right bitches.

A new bromance sprouts?

Two points?  Not too shabby.  But just wait…..

He's a lover, not a fighter. And it showed 😐 Freaking Ott

Ok Steve Ott.  You are such a little bitch.  You get in a quasi scrap with Yandle and you run your goddamn mouth.  Guess what?  Your idiot ass got a penalty and we got a power play.  How did that mouth work out for you?  Yeah, yeah you scored a goal, so did Yandle.  And I hate you for making me defend Yandle!  Gah!  Oh yeah slick, Yandle also got an assist for……

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadim!  You broke away and schooled Auld!

Seriously, Oh Yandle.

So we’re leading 3-1 in the third.  Crap.  Make that 3-2.  Stupid Stars.  You can’t come back!

Next comes the ass play.  The Stars bounce a puck off their own players ass and Mueller takes off with it!  He hits Doan with a great pass and Doan blasts a shot past Auld!  Jesus!  Muels!  Jesus!  Muels!

Atta boy!

3 points for Mueller.  That. is. my. Minnesota. boy.

The start of something good

At the end of the game, things got chippy.  Jovo got shoved down and who comes to his defense?  Prucha!  The smallest guy goes with arms flying!  That kid is 170 lbs and 168 of it is his heart.  ❤

Sami got a game misconduct at the end of the game for getting into it with a Star and the refs had a hell of a time breaking it up.  The guy wouldn’t let Sami go.  Sami is like SERIOUSLY?

Sami loves his special boy

MVP of the game ~ Let me think about this one…… MUELLER!  I so badly want you to have a monster rest of the year so you can shut up all the naysayers and they can come crawling back singing your praises.

Most Improved ~ I can’t even say Yandle because you’ve been kicking ass for like 4 games now!

Tip for Don Maloney:  DO NOT TRADE ROBERT LANG.  Those other teams need to back off, hunting Czechs is illegal because they are out of season 😐

Holy Crap!  Marty lead all forwards in ice time….. 20:47. 😮  Boeds had the least with 4:39 😐

I have one more road surprise for you this year Z!

Z! Later this year, not yet!

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2 Responses to Stars? The only stars were Mueller, Yands, Bryz and Jesus

  1. Kels says:

    – Lol at Z sign searching!

    – I told @TheYotesDiva that I’ve gotten the impression Yandle is starting to get noticed outside Phoenix. Funny faces or not, the guy’s play is very impressive.

    – “At the end of the game, things got chippy. Jovo got shoved down and who comes to his defense? Prucha! The smallest guy goes with arms flying! That kid is 170 lbs and 168 of it is his heart. <3"

    AWE! This is always the way he is. I remember last year, when he was playing with Uppy and Lombo and they had just started together, and something went down with Uppy, and Prucha came in hands waving, grabbing at whomever. And those were brand new teammates.

    It really doesn't matter to him. If you wear the same uniform, he will defend you. And I love, LOVE, like when Radim or whomever gets hurt, he is the first guy to go over and get down close, seeing if they're okay. And I ❤ how Hanzal defends him, and I ❤ how Pru will defend his own.

    I think back to Prucha's last game as a Ranger. Guy was led off the ice because the Avs were getting nasty with his team and he just wasn't having that.


    For the record, my father called and told me he watched the WHOLE Yotes game. And even though the Rangers are playing, he's going to bed. Looks like the Coyotes officially have another convert.

  2. boedkerrocks says:

    LOVE your quotes on your pic’s.ou crack me up every time….and I am so with you all the way, KEEP MULLER!!! actually keep the WHOLE team we are great the way we are!!

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