Easy Bake Oven > Flames

Let me just say this:  I had a good voice for yelling tonight.  There are nights I don’t have a good yelling voice.  Tonight, it just worked.  YES!

There was hockey.  First period wasn’t anything special.  No scoring on either side.

Second period:  Yandle scores.

Umm Yands......

Yandle got to be out there with the Czechs and Pru/Radim had assists!  Lucky Yandle!  AND it was a power play goal!

Who else scores?  Jesus!  We were up 2-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That didn’t last.  (I am so damn tired when writing this, can you tell?)

Over the rest of the second and third period, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the offensive zone and Calgary tied it up.  BAH!

Overtime….. no score.


Lang  ~ I told Lang if he made the goal that I would get his jersey.  SCORE!  (shit)


Korps ~ You scored and I blew you kisses.  WTF?  I was excited and we won and it didn’t mean anything.  I’m sorry if I lead you on.  I still ❤ you tho!


COYOTES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point, the boys bail off the bench and rush Bryz.  Marty gets there first and this is what happened:

Am I having a nightmare?


It was a false alarm, Thank God!

MVP of the Game:  Bryz had way too much work to do tonight!  JOB BRYZ!

Most Improved:  Still Yandle!  Look at you and your lil goal streak!

Oh our special boy.......

Fiddy has Korps love

Finn on Finn love!

Winnik has Fiddy love

Fiddy was sleepy


Us too Bo, us too

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3 Responses to Easy Bake Oven > Flames

  1. OMG the pouty face of Lombo…I hope to Doan that Uppy is alright!

    …How about that Marry me Lombardi sign…..ugh.

    So sad I missed warm ups! I was going to tell you about the Taco Bell cashier who loves your blog. =(

  2. yotesgurl says:

    LMAO! I yelled, he’s married you whores!

  3. I did too! I can’t believe they disgraced the jumbotron with that crap. It would have been better to show some Flames fan’s signs or something.

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