Mish Mash

Caps Vs. Coyotes

#2 team Vs. #1 team.


The Coyotes didn’t play badly.  We could have easily won the game, but we took too many penalties and the Caps power play is lethal and they had two power play goals.  The score ended up being 4-2 but the game was really 3-2.  Ovie broke away for an empty net goal in the last second (annoying).  Alexander Semin had 4 points.  Bah.

Us?  What did we do?  Well, Korpo broke out.  Again.  The kid hardly ever scores, but when he does, it’s only in 2’s.  He’s a great penalty killer, uses his quickness to create plays, and works hard.  He’s like the defensive twin of Enver Lisin, who we traded to the Rangers for Korpo.  If you merged the two together, they would be unstoppable.

So we didn’t win.  The Caps are tops in their Division and we played well.  I’ll call this a pseudo-win.  A moral victory?

There weren’t even any good pictures from the game really.  Lame!


I wanna give a bit of love to the people in Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Israel, and France that pretty faithfully read my blog.  Also, I’m pretty sure some Armed Forces boys/girls out there read it because I can’t imagine a lot of demand for hockey news Pakistan!   Thanks for reading, I’m glad this blog amuses someone other than just me 😉


I guess I’ll throw in here a bunch of good pictures I haven’t really been able to use yet.

Up Close & Personal Part II

My favorite A in the whole league

Don't be sad Z!

Happy Z = Happy Coyotes

Are you talking to me?

Come on magic stick, score!

Why must you hide the hair?

You two are way too serious.....

That's better!

Like Cyclops, he must not look directly at anything or it will be devastated

He shoots! He doesn't score!

Sami with his haircut

More Pseudo!


Photogs love Lang

Ready to go kick ass, as always!


Ok maybe they are both Jesus? But Lang is the Jesus that cusses!

Marty you have a giant hole in your cheek. Oh wait.

Hmm, Pru must be taking this faceoff?

Get him Monster!

He isn't smiling....... apocalypse!!!!

Jesus had a walking stick, Jesus II has a hockey stick

Ouch. Even as a girl, ouch.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bryz!

Bo ...... unexcited?

Adrian tries to distract Havlat. Oh Adrian.

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2 Responses to Mish Mash

  1. Jenna says:

    What? Just one Pru picture? I am sad and disappointed..

  2. CCC says:

    Thanks for giving us Euro-blog-enjoyers some love! 😉
    Yours is the funniest hockey blog I know of! (Also I’m pretty sure the boys -esp Mueller- read it)
    Keep it up, it’s good to see such humor & loyalty!

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