Hurricane Upshall Blew My Hat Onto The Ice


That big ass storm whipping through Arizona?  Hurricane Upshall baby!  This was a huge, huge game for us, as we have been having a bit of trouble as of late and we are tied with Nashville in the standings.  We need to pull this sucker out!

First period:

Lots of prolonged pressure by Nashville.  This equates to 15 shots on goal for the Preds and 4 for the Coyotes.  4.  Ugh.  This is not good.

The score ended up being 0-0 at the end of the period due to the inspired play of ……..

Weber put a bit hit on Pru in the first

Pru was shooting the puck, stealing the puck, passing the puck, and jumping up in the air to try and bat the puck back into our zone.  Little man has ups!  I was proud to rock my Prucha jersey and he played great for us….. as always.

Second period:

I moved down to sit with Ash and Mark on the glass.  This seems to be the turning point of the game 😛

Lomboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scores!  Assists from Doan and Adrian.  Good job Bo!  You always pass and get so many assists, but I love it when you score.  You’re too unselfish.  You’re like the mini-me of Jesus!

I forgot how much I love sitting on the glass.  When Czech Monster went by, he was like a GIANT!  Awesome!

Nashville scores two goals.  The first one looked damn flukey.  It somehow bounced weird?  The second goal was shotty defense by Jovo, I don’t know where his head was on that play!  So we were down 2-1.  Crap!

Third period:

This is where we need to regroup.  We could easily have let Nashville go up 3-1 and we would be screwed.  It probably would have happened last year!

But this year we have our little force of nature Uppy.

Uppy scored a goal.  Classification:  Tropical Depression

Uppy scored another goal.  Classification:  Tropical Storm

Uppy scored a mother-freaking NATURAL HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Classification:  HURRICANE UPSHALL

After his third goal, right in front of us he skated straight to Vandy, jumped into his arms, and both of them fell.  It was epic.

It begins...... Uppy has no Lombo.

Action shot

And we're all OK!

Awwww Bo loves his Up

You will again Muels.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we win!

MVP of the Game:  Hurricane Upshall

Most Improved:  Bryz.  Much, much better!

This lady saw my Mueller jersey and said “Oh you have a Mueller jersey” and made a face before saying “he’s terrible this year”.  Hey lady, if I wanted your opinion on my player, I’d ask.  And you’re a fan of his team.  QUIT TALKING SHIT.  Then I realized she was pretty old and her expiration date isn’t too far off and I felt better.  Damn old bat.  I support you Muels, unconditionally.

First time I ever wore a hat to a game and the first time I’ve ever seen a Coyotes hat trick.  Fine, I guess I need another hat and we will try this again against the Flames!

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6 Responses to Hurricane Upshall Blew My Hat Onto The Ice

  1. GREAT GAME! Was so proud to see Uppy get that hattrick! I was mad at myself for not bringing a hat! Just in case!

  2. boedkerrocks says:

    love your comments on your pic’s, your sooooo good!!! especially the it’s ok Lombo–Vandy caught me:))))) kepp up the awesome work!

  3. I think you let the old bat off too easy. “Vandy ur my back-up” – Too Funny

  4. David Cosand says:

    It’s good for Vandy to be a teddy bear every once in a while.

  5. kels says:

    Gotta go watch this one on the Tivo. I’m sorry I missed it. So happy for UPPY!!

    Meanwhile it’s nice when players on teams stick up for one another, you know, like how Uppy would do for Lombo, or Hanzal would do for Prucha.

    Or how someone would do for Gaborik on the Rangers…

    oh wait, nevermind.


    Go Yotes!

  6. Jenna says:

    You need a hat for the Rangers game that has Pru power! Maybe write Pru on the hat? I need to think on this… brain is still recovering from sickness. Or maybe I need the Pru hat to go with the jersey?

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