Doan! Doan! Doan! Doan!………CZECHS!

Meet the team event!  Because I have the crazy need to be FIRST at everything, I was there with one of my hockey friends TWO HOURS, 15MINUTES before they opened the doors………… IN THE RAIN!  Eek!

So they let us in and then you RUN!  The players are grouped in 2’s or 3’s and there are lines for each group.  They paired up a “popular” player with a “less popular” player so that means all the Czechs were split up.  CURSES!  I had  Michalek, Prucha, Vrbata, and Hanzal jerseys to get signed.  CRAP!

Prucha and Z were with Pyatt.  Hanzal was with Bissonnette.  Radim was with ….. crap I don’t remember!  So I had to choose, where do I go first?

Answer:  Z/Prucha   Don’t tell Marty!   😦

Kerri's Prucha jersey I got signed for her. It's getting shipped back to New York!

Pru signing Kerri's jersey! He was surprised by the pic. You'd almost expect the mouthpiece to be hanging out right?

Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (Thank God your hair isn't orange)

Then I got to hit up Marty’s line.  There is somewhat of a possibility that I may have gotten to go through his line more than once.  There is also a possibility that some American chick hit him up with Czech and a possibility that he was like HOW DID YOU LEARN CZECH?!?!?!  Other goodness ensued!

I was so excited to meet Radim because I hadn’t met him before.  He’s officially my new 2nd favorite.  Sorry Pru.

Radim..... eating a pretzel. I felt like I was taking pictures at a zoo!

All of you can bite me, I still love my Muels. We had a Bingham convo. Epic.

I got to meet everyone except for Doan.  I could have ran to his line first and been in the first 10 to meet him, but here is what happened:

I had such good intentions. Sorry Jesus!

The guys were great.  The guys were amazing.  Even guys I didn’t think were nice were super nice.  Ok, there was one guy who was douchey to me and it made me sad because all previous interactions were good, but whatevs.

Random impressions:

Lombardi ~ Lombo is seriously sweet as pie.  He’s pie, minus the calories. Can’t say enough about how wonderful he was.

New Guy ~ Fine, we bonded, I’ll call you Bubba.  Maybe.  I told him, I met your wife, she’s great!  He says, “Ahhh she fooled you too!”  Oh New Guy.  Endearing.

Aucoin ~ YOU ARE THE COOLEST DUDE EVER.  EVER.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER.  I told him “I love it when you punch people and shove them down, it warms my heart” and he says “Yep, that’s what I do, I’m the brute”.  The way he said it was hilarious.  I told him that he needed to get Twitter with his smart mouth.

Lang ~ I may have been talking to another Czech while you signed the picture and I didn’t actually speak to you, but I still have mad Czech love for you.  It’s the other guys fault!  I swear!

Czechs ~ Z asked me why I didn’t have a sign.  Radim’s like, they’re funny!  There was other good stuff, but I keep that just for me 😉

Overall it was good.  It felt rushed when you got up to them and hard to say more than like one thing to them, but I’ll take it.  Now I just have Winnik and Doan left to meet.  Winnik was excused because of his injury I think.

Oh Jesus, someday.  Someday.

This is the best representation of Prucha's personality that I could find. And his hair. Actually, this may be Prucha, trying to be incognito.

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4 Responses to Doan! Doan! Doan! Doan!………CZECHS!

  1. Kels says:

    LOVE it! And your chart. You are too much!! But I love it!

    And I’m going to snort/laugh/snort at that “Prucha” pic forever.

    Yes, we love him for his go-go-go, we love him for his talent, we love him for his never-say-quit attitude, but yes we love him too for his ability to just be HAPPY all the time!

    He went through a lot and he never stopped smiling. How can we not admire that?

    I’m so glad you had a great time!! =)

  2. laurie says:

    Jealous. 😉

  3. If I had known I would have tried to bribe you to get my Jovo jersey signed =P

  4. Kerri says:

    I love it the moooooossst.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you! (Have I said that already?)

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